31-Year-Old Innocent Man Hires Brooklyn Accident Attorney To Get Dismissed Of Wrongful DUI Charge After Collision With Police SUV

Bari Recently, a police SUV collided with the side of Oliver Wiggins’ vehicle in Brooklyn, New York after running a stop sign. The man claims that the police officers then attempted to pin a DUI charge on him to shift the blame. However, the 31-year-old man was adamant that it was the police officers who caused the accident after running a stop sign, described the whole ordeal as “insane,” and he finally decided to hire a Brooklyn accident attorney.

Since the arrest was controversial and suspicious, an investigation was requested through a letter sent to the Brooklyn District Attorney by Oliver’s lawyer. Fortunately for Oliver, he had volunteered to take a blood test after the accident and when no traces of alcohol and/or drugs were found in his system, a prosecutor proceeded to dismiss the charges.

The accuracy of the police account and Oliver Wiggins’ wrongful DUI charge have also been brought into question after official documents were reviewed by his Brooklyn accident attorney. The lawyer claimed that the arrest was unprofessional and the sole motivation behind it was so that the police officers could blame someone else, even though they were the ones who ran the stop sign.

It was around 1:30 a.m. in morning on Glenwood Road where Oliver was driving his Nissan Maxima when these police officers driving their Police Department Ford SUV collided into his vehicle from the side at E. 43rd St. in East Flatbush. Oliver’s accident attorney claims that it was a dead-end street and the police officers did not flash their lights or the siren before they pulled out.

According to the accident report, E. 43rd St. does not have a traffic control device present there, but there was indeed a stop sign at the location that the police officers failed to yield at. After the accident, the same police officers asked Oliver if he was drunk and the innocent man admitted to have consumed a ‘nonalcoholic’ soft drink earlier that evening.

According to the accident report, the responding officers noticed that Oliver was displaying potential signs of being intoxicated. The criminal complaint stated that Oliver apparent had had red, watery eyes, he smelled of alcohol, and his speech was slurred.

A police officer from the highway division had also prepared a police report according to which Oliver was not giving off any odor of an alcoholic beverage, but his eyes did appear to be bloodshot and watery. According to the arresting officer, Oliver was “swaying,” but he was not asked to perform any coordination tests by the highway police officer. Even a spokeswoman from the NYPD has acknowledged the presence of the stop sign at E. 43rd St.

The spokeswoman has also claimed that the police officers were responding to an alleged attack by an armed gunman when they collided into Oliver’s vehicle. According to a police source, the police officer driving the SUB was officially rebuked for not clearing the intersection before he pulled out. The DA intends to review the letter that was sent by Oliver’s Brooklyn accident attorney.

Oliver, whose father was a police officer in Jamaica, claims that this was the first time he was handcuffed in his entire life, and that he no longer trusts the police since he was unjustly framed by them.