4 Questions to ask Yourself when Hiring a Trucking Accident Attorney in New York


If you or one of your close friends has been injured in a truck accident, you need to seek the legal services of a trucking accident attorney to ensure you get maximum compensation for the damages or injuries caused. With the legal knowledge and skills truck accidents attorneys in New York posses, you can be assured to get the compensation you deserve. However, this will depend on the lawyer you are going to hire. In the modern days, there are many accident lawyers who have flooded the New York market, so you should know how to choose the best. This article provides you with some of the questions you need consider to ensure you get the best one.

How long have the trucking accident attorney provided the legal services?

This is an important question you need to ask yourself because you should hire an attorney with enough experience to provide high quality legal representation. It is good to hire the services of an accident attorney with more than six years of experience. Such an attorney will be able to all the techniques to apply to ensure that you have a strong case to present before the court, so that you get the deserved compensation.

What is the success rate of the trucking accident attorney you want to hire?

When you are searching for an attorney to represent you, you need to look for the one with highest success rate. This will give you confidence and assurance that you will get the best from your attorney. A good trucking accident attorney will be willing to show you all the cases they have succeeded and the ones failed. Hire an attorney with more than 75 percent success rate. Do not make the mistake of hiring an attorney who only shows you only the succeeded cases because they may end up being unscrupulous and dishonest.

How much does the attorney charge?

You need to ask yourself this question, so that you can be able to plan your budget and hire an attorney who offers the best deal. In order to get the fee charged by the different attorneys in New York, you will need to carry out thorough research. Get quotes from more than four attorneys, so that you can make comparisons in order to choose the one who charges the most affordable fee. However, do not make the mistake of hiring some of the cheapest ones because many of them lack the required qualification to provide high quality legal representation.

Will the trucking accident attorney delegate the case to other attorneys?

This is a question you need to ask the attorney you want to hire. You need to know if the attorney will take the case of him/herself or delegate it to other attorneys. It is good to hire an accident lawyer who will take the case by himself or herself instead of delegating other lawyers to work on your case. In case, your trucking accident attorney will have to delegate the duties, you need to confirm that the attorneys to work on your case are reputable and qualified.