How an Accident attorney New York Successfully Filed for a $54M in compensation awarded to a injured departmental store employee

While working for a departmental store in the Brooklyn area, New York, an unnamed employee was injured by a box that fell off a trolley. Together with other employees, they were loading shelves when a heavy box fell on his head. He was rushed to a nearby hospital immediately and remained hospitalized for several months. He was diagnosed with cracked skull and damage to the brain which made it impossible for him to continue working. Also, he was required to take certain type of medication for the rest of his life because of the injuries to his brain. On realizing how life changing the accident was, his family decided to talk to an accident attorney New York and find out about the possibility of filing for compensation.

What the Accident attorney New York did

After recording the facts of the matter, the accident lawyer was of the opinion that there was negligence on the part of the employer as they failed to provide the injured employee with protective gear. The experienced lawyer reiterated that it was important to hold the employer responsible for the suffering and pain which the employee underwent since they didn’t exercise the duty that was required of them. If the employee could have been given a protective headgear, the extent of injuries to the skull as well as the brain could have been minimized considerably. The New York based attorneys went ahead to file for compensation on behalf of the injured employee.

How much compensation did the attorneys ask for?

The lawyers asked for compensation based on the following criteria: lost future income, current and past medication, pain and suffering which the injured person underwent. They sought a total of $80 million. However, after fighting it out in the court with the lawyer representing the departmental chain, the amount that was awarded as compensation is $54 million. It took a total of 4 years before the decision for the award was passed by the judge. Because of this, it becomes very clear that justice for any injured person can be elusive and unless you work with an experienced accident attorney in New York, your chances of being fairly compensated is minimal.

What is the duty of an employer to its employees?

It’s the duty of employers to ensure that the safety of their employees is well taken care of. Depending on the nature of work, the employers are required to provide basic safety gear such as helmets, gloves, and sound reduction systems among others depending on the nature of work that is being handled. It’s natural that any party that is responsible for the injuries sustained by another person is held responsible. But with news everywhere being reported about employers who have been accused of negligence teaming up with their insurers to mount a legal challenge to deny responsibility for their employees injuries, it really helps when you get a reputable accident attorney New York expert working with you. This is one of the best methods for injured persons to ensure that they receive fair compensation.