Accident Lawyer: Compensation Awarded Recently To Accident Victims in Brooklyn, NY

A day hardly passes before an accident is reported in Brooklyn, New York. These accidents can be attributed to various reasons. Unfortunately, most of the cases that have been reported have an element of negligence on the part of one party which causes another party to undergo pain, suffering and even death. Because of the repercussions which an accident can bring to the life of a person, it’s of paramount importance that you work with a reputable accident lawyer in Brooklyn, New York who will help with the provision of superb legal representation and ensure that you get fairly compensated.

But as media reports have carried it, getting a fair compensation for an accident victim requires a multiple pronged approach by a time tested legal professional. It takes perseverance, persistence and high level of dedication on the part of the attorneys to get you compensation. Whether the defendant is a corporate body or an individual, their legal representatives will fight the claims viciously and ensure that you don’t receive any compensation. Are there recent settlements and verdicts in favor of accident victims?

Accident lawyer wins $1,900,000 compensation for unnamed warehouse employee

A case that attracted a lot of media attention involved a 28 old warehouse employee who was traveling in a livery cab that was hit on the broadside by a highly speeding truck. As a result of the road crash, he sustained severe fractures ob the right arm and sufferer hearing loss by up to 50 percent. He consulted with a top legal agency in Brooklyn area of New York and the case was found to be strong enough to press for compensation. The lawyers pressed for charges against the owners of the truck and asked for the plaintiff to be compensated. It took some time for the case to be completed but finally, the court awarded the victim a total of $1,900,000 as compensation.

$78,000 awarded to a 17 years old student

While attending a well publicized rap show which was organized by a well known event company in new York, a 17 year old student almost suffocated to death when he was trapped in a gymnasium’s stairwell next to her friends. The injuries which were suffered later caused her ailments such as stress syndrome and grave disease, in addition to facing the possibility of death for about 15 minutes. She sued for compensation and the trial judge awarded compensation citing the fact that the organizer of the show owed all those who attended the duty of care and so it can be held responsible, for death or injuries which may have occurred to those in attendance. $78,000 was awarded as compensation.

$775,000 for a girl injured by dilapidated steel radiator

A Brooklyn girl aged 3 year suffered fractures when a steel radiator topped onto her feet. Before this particular incident, the landlord had been told that the steel radiator had almost injured another child but no action was taken. The landlord called in an unlicensed repairman who did a shoddy work while fixing the dilapidated radiator therefore failing to replace rotten wood that were under the radiator. The matter was taken to court by a reputable accident lawyer leading to an award of $775,000 as compensation.