Accident Lawyer In Brooklyn Speaks About Teen Who Died While Taking Driving Lessons

An accident lawyer in Brooklyn has reacted to revelations by the authorities that a teen and his two pals who were learning the rules of driving died during the lessons. News emerged that the teens’ car was slammed by a tractor trailer on the County Route. Initially, the authorities provided very minimal information about what transpired during the accident or what had happened to each one of the teens until lawyers started protesting it. The officials have now come out clear with a detailed report about the incident and indicated what they plan to do.

Describing the deceased, the attorney said that he was a young man full of life and that the entire community was at a big loss. He referred to the boy’s grief-stricken uncle who had hoped that the deceased would be with them celebrating the summer as they had planned for long. It also emerged that the boy had been under the care of his uncle and his wife for three years although his mother also spends a lot of time with them whenever she visits. The boy’s father also lives in Brooklyn.

Accident lawyer in Brooklyn says the boy’s parents wanted the best for him

The attorney was quick to note that the victim’s parents wanted nothing but the best for their son upstate. He narrated how the boy was excited about the opportunities that lay ahead of him. He also revealed that the three learners were with their instructor who comes from one of the driving schools in Middletown when the incident occurred. He also indicated that there was a fourth student on the wheels but he was lucky to escape the worse when he was treated at Westchester Center in Valhalla and then released shortly afterwards.

Speaking separately, the chief of the driving school where the teens were learning said that he realizes that this is a very difficult moment for the entire community. He said that their hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to those families that had been affected by this massive loss. On a statement on their website, the school also absolved themselves from any blame noting that the instructor was doing everything right. He indicated that it was only right for people to let justice take its course and believed that in time, the affected families will get the justice that they so much want and that they will find it possible to move on with their lives.

The lawyer, however, decried the increasing cases of careless driving in Brooklyn and the other nearby areas. He referred to other accidents in the recent past when people had lost lives despite the fact that there was nothing that they could do to save themselves. He said that it was time the laws should be changed so that those who inflict such damages and injuries to other had to face a more severe punishment. In the courts, the process of compiling the case is still ongoing, and everyone is waiting to see what comes out of it.