An Accident That May Require a Brooklyn Accident Lawyer

An Accident That May Require a Brooklyn Accident Lawyer

Even when people are careful, accidents happen. In large cities like Brooklyn, accidents can be even more common, due to the volume of people who are around. As such, many people will at least at one point have a need to hire a Brooklyn accident lawyer to help them deal with the aftermath of an accident. An accident lawyer with the right credentials will be able to make sure individuals are compensated for their suffering in these accidents.

On the morning of July 13, 2015, a 35 year old bicyclist lost his life near the Barclays center in Brooklyn, New York. He was hit by a driver, Claudio Rodriguez, who was driving a Honda Pilot SUV. Rodriguez apparently had a seizure while he was driving, leading to the fatal accident. Additionally, the SUV hit two vehicles, causing six other injuries outside of the fatality.

While the SUV was heading north on Fourth Avenue, Rodriguez had a seizure and ended up crashing into a gray 2014 Toyota at an intersection. The SUV then went over the median, kept going into oncoming traffic, hit the bicyclist, and kept going north with the body on the car’s hood. The car then kept going north and ended up hitting a black 2004 Mitsubishi, and then crashed to a stop close to a Vitamin Shoppe store located near Flatbush and Fourth Avenues.

Rodriguez stayed at the scene after the crash and explained his side of the story. He said he was feeling dizzy behind the wheel, and then he didn’t remember exactly what happened before hitting the other car. He did admit to police that he had forgotten to take medication that was meant to control his seizures. He has not been charged with a crime, and the police are waiting for blood test results to come back for him.

The bicyclist was traveling with traffic at the time of the crash. Five other people had serious injuries and were taken to Methodist Hospital. They were in stable condition, though their injuries were serious.

The individuals involved in this accident will likely have to consult with a Brooklyn accident lawyer. The ones who were injured will likely need some sort of compensation for their hospital bills and other ways in which this event has adversely affected their lives. Additionally, someone may be consulting an attorney on behalf of the bicyclist who died in this ordeal. A qualified and talent accident lawyer will be able to ensure that his or her client is treated fairly and compensated for any damage that has occurred that is not his or her fault. This case is not quite as straightforward as some others, since Rodriguez suffered a seizure behind the wheel. He was not directly being negligent in his driving, although it is true that he neglected to take his medication that morning and may be considered partially responsible for the seizure that he had. He could also benefit from the services of an accident lawyer for his defense.