Auto Accident Lawyer New York: Brooklyn Parents Planning A $70M Lawsuit

Auto Accident Lawyer New York: Brooklyn Parents Planning A $70M Lawsuit

Court papers indicate that the NYPD parents of the 19 year old student who was injured critically when a robbery suspect slammed into her mother’s car are planning to sue the city. The police were on a high speed chase in Brooklyn and were in pursuit of the robbers when their car rammed into an oncoming vehicle. Now, the reports say that the parents are putting together a $70 million lawsuit which is likely to be a headliner over the coming the days. It also has been reported that they are to be aided by a high profile auto accident lawyer in New York City.

Since the November crash, Natalie Ferber has remained in a comma even as doctors do their best to help her come out of it. Ferber’s mom, Nancy Lawrence is an NYPD sergeant but was off duty on the day of the accident. On the day of the accident, Natalie was a front seat passenger in her mother’s Nissan Versa. As they were making a turn at Ave. U and Burnett Street in Marine Park, Edwards who is aged 34 smashed into their car. The accident was so fatal that there was confusion before emergency measures were taken.

Auto accident lawyer New York City: Speed limits exceeded

Lawyers were quick to pint out that at the time of the accident; the cops were on the wrong. This is after it was noticed that they were on a high speed chase through the city streets even though the laws of the city prohibit this.

”We are investigating to find out whether one of the cars chasing Randy had been ordered by a supervisor to stop” police sources said.

According to medical reports, Ferber suffered severer damages on her brains and this is the reason why she has continued to be in a comma. In addition to that, there are fears that even if she survives the accident, she might be crippled. According to one of the lawyers, this is something that calls for compensation to the family and that is the reason why a lawsuit is necessary. It also has been reported that since the day of the accident, the mother has not been the same person and that her life has been that of misery unlike the one that she enjoyed with her happy family just before the accident.

There is still hope for the family

However, lawyers also said that the family should not give up completely on their daughter. They said that sometimes, miracles happen and that things could turn out differently from what has been projected.

However, regardless of the way that this case unfolds, one thing that is without a doubt is that if the suit is finalized, there is going to be a lot of activities o the courtrooms and the focus will be on the outcome. Considering the nature of the suit and the circumstances that surround it, the only thing that can be expected is that emotions will run high and confrontations are likely to be inevitable.