Driver Was Frightened When He Fled the Scene of Hit and Run Killed Brooklyn Photographer

A driver charged with hitting and killing a popular Brooklyn photographer in Brooklyn, New York on New Year’s Eve fled the scene because he was frightened, he said in a police statement he recorded soon after his arrest ten days later.

28-year old Prezidor Porbeni was accused of speeding off after causing the death of 44-year old photographer, Guler Ugur-Yaacobi. The prosecution relied on surveillance footage to charge him.

Porbeni was driving his mother’s black SUV with a suspended license when he realized that he had knocked someone at the West 113th Street crosswalk along Amsterdam Avenue. He briefly stopped before driving northwards, based on the criminal charge sheet.

He subsequently turned to his right and drove back to West 113th Street and then back to Amsterdam Avenue, where he got scared. He told detectives that he noticed a heavy police presence, became scared and sped off, according to the charge sheet.

He told the police that he had heard on the subsequent news bulletins that the person he had hit on the road had passed away, but he failed to surrender himself to the police because he had panicked.

Ugur-Yaacobi was headed to a concert at the nearby Cathedral of Saint John the Divine on that ill-fated day to mark an important annual event with her friends.

Described as a creative and lively woman who often carried her camera with her, Ugur-Yaacobi was set to do a late run in Central Park at the end of the concert.

Born in Turkey and raised in Germany, Ugur-Yaacobi moved to the US to set up her photography business in Brooklyn. She lived in Kensington, Brooklyn, according to her close friends.

Separate Case

Porbeni had been charged with assault and robbery in a separate case in Brooklyn. On 5th June, 2014, he continually punched his fiancée, who was then five months pregnant and forcefully stole her iPhone, according to the criminal complaint lodged in Bronx. This case is still pending in court.

In any of these cases, everyone requires the services of a qualified lawyer.

Auto Accident Lawyer

If you or anyone you care about has been involved in a car accident which is a result of another person’s fault, you need to get the legal representation that you deserve. This is because you are entitled to fair compensation for the damages incurred. Nonetheless, the process of getting compensation for all the damages and medical expenses from the car accident will require the expertise and experience of a specialized legal team. This is simply because most insurance providers will create legal teams that will fight in court to pay much less hat what you or your loved one deserves.

Therefore, for proper compensation through the court system, you need the help of a car accident lawyer. These legal professionals have the necessary knowledge and experience regarding the compensation and legal settlement process. A car accident lawyer will give you proper advice and help you throughout the legal process to ensure maximum compensation for the damages suffered. If you need legal help, be sure to contact a lawyer today.

Wal-Mart Settles Family of Man Killed in Crash Involving Tracy Morgan

The family of James McNair, a comedian who got killed in an accident that left Tracy Morgan seriously injured has now been settled by Wal-Mart for wrongful death. The claim was settled out of court between James McNair’s estate and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Each party was represented by a car accident attorney of their choice.

The crash which occurred on the night of June 7 involved a Wal-Mart truck slamming into a limo van that was carrying Tracy Morgan alongside his friends. Morgan’s attorney said the former ’30 Rock’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’ star suffered brain injury. McNair was a close friend and mentor to Morgan, having grown together in Brooklyn.

While the terms of the settlement remain confidential, the family of McNair have confirmed that they are happy with the outcome. Their car accident attorney observed that Wal-Mart did a good thing to accept responsibility and take care of the family following the extensive damage caused. Wal-Mat has indicated it’s also working on plans to equally settle others who sustained injuries from the accident.

During an interview with AP, McNair’s children described their dad as a humble man who cared less about celebrity trappings despite having attained fame. Instead he concentrated his energies on helping others, especially young comedians and needy families. The children opted to stay out of the spotlight during the settlement period, choosing to keep off the media attention that was building up around the case.

Morgan has already had a clash with Wal-Mart after the company seemed to suggest that he was actually to blame for his injury. The company claimed in October that the injuries to Morgan were caused in part or whole by the failure on his part to properly wear the available seat belt (restraint device). Morgan responded and placed the blame on the company, saying he could not believe that Wal-Mart was blaming him for an accident they caused. In an email written to USA TODAY, the star said his friends and himself did nothing wrong that could be linked to causing the accident. He thanked his fans for having stuck with him during this difficult period, affirming that he loves them and that he is fighting daily to get back.

Meanwhile criminal charges against Kevin Roper, the Wal-Mart truck driver, are pending in court. The truck driver has reportedly pleaded not guilty to the death by auto as well as assault by auto charges pressed against him. The criminal complaint statement says that he was driving without having had any sleep for over 24 hours. The National Transportation Safety Board conducted preliminary investigation and revealed that the driver was going at 65 mph during the last 60 seconds leading to the crash. The limit on that stretch is normally 55 mph but was reduced to 45 mph on that night due to construction works.

Morgan’s car accident attorney chose not to respond immediately to media requests seeking his comment. It’s only last month when he said that Morgan was yet to recover fully from his brain injuries and observed that it was hard to tell if Morgan would ever get back to the Tracy Morgan we once knew.

New York Car Accident Attorney on Brooklyn Bus Accident

Twenty five people were injured after a head-on collision between an MTA bus and a BMW, according to reports. Three people were found to be in critical condition while the remaining 22 were fortunate enough to be less injured. The accident occurred on Utica Avenue near Clarendon Road in East Flatbush as scenes of blood-stained passengers moaning in agony were removed from the wreckage of the bus and were transferred to the hospital.

Getting Compensation

A car accident attorney Brooklyn familiar with the matter stated that it was a fortunate thing that no one died because of the accident and he is hoping for the speedy and full recovery of everyone involved. According to reports and eye witnesses, the black BMW was traveling due south on Utica Avenue and hit a nearby Nissan Maxima that was backing out from a grocery store. Because of this initial collision, the BMW was sent flying to the other side of the road which then collided with the north-bound Bus.

As the investigation unravels, people often wonder on just what sort of legal action they can do, said the car accident attorney. According to him, victims always have the right for compensation and they should not hesitate in demanding for it. If the accident happens in the city, filing a claim can be tricky. That is why if you are injured, it would be better to seek legal consult and hire an advocate that will fight on your behalf. By hiring the proper attorney, you have the best chances of getting maximum compensation as quickly as possible since they know what steps to take and how to best prove your claim.

Seek Legal Consult

When it comes to getting these kinds of lawyers, there is virtually no trouble in acquiring their services since they are readily accessible. Also, finances aren’t much of an issue since these lawyers will only get a fee if your compensation claim is a success, the New York Attorney added. It is recommended that you acquire the services of attorneys and lawyers so that you have the best chances of getting the compensation that you deserve. They will then help you when it comes to your rights as well as to how to properly go about in getting your compensation and winning the case.

In light of this accident, lawyers from this specific field are worried since if the initial reports are true, then this means that people don’t consider just how dangerous it is to be driving at high speeds in crowded areas. They best advice that people should take full precaution when behind wheel and should think about other people’s safety when on the road. Also, if you, a friend, or a loved happen to be involved in a vehicular accident, then it is best to seek legal consult at once. There are many intricacies when it comes to handling claims and compensations and a car accident attorney Brooklyn is your best bet in getting it. This is important as hospital fees and lost income pile up when you are injured.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Following an Accident

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Following an Accident

In the past years, several cases on accidents and injuries have been reported in Brooklyn, New York City. Some of the victims have had to hire lawyers to assist them in the legal process as they seek compensation. There are quite a number of accidents that have left people with various degrees of injuries and they still stand out up to date. The following are two specific cases which outline the magnitude of the accident and injuries suffered by the plaintiffs as well as the settlement in the 1st case since it’s a closed case.

Case 1

In the first instance, the plaintiff, Sherif M. Riad, aged 37, got injured at around 2.30 p.m. on 1st January 1997, according to court papers.

He was driving a Chevrolet and it became overheated close to Cumberland Street. According to his statement and court records, the plaintiff turned his hazard lights on and pulled to the side of the road to make an assessment concerning the overheating problem.

The court papers show that Riad stepped out of his car and went ahead to check under the car hood. His Chevrolet was then hit by a Volkswagen. This accident left him with 2 fractured legs and he was hospitalized for close to 6 weeks.
Riad hired a personal injury lawyer who assisted him in the legal process in suing the driver and the Volkswagen Company. The Volkswagen Company agreed to pay him $675,000 which saw the termination of the case.

Case 2

On 1st December 20 2013, 63 people were injured after a passenger train from the Metro North Company that was NYC-bound derailed in Bronx.

Officials stated that 7 cars damaged the trucks close to Hudson River while heading towards the Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. Bill Rockefeller told the officials that when he tried applying the brakes, they failed to respond when the train drew near a curve. The engineer sustained was among the injured people in the accident.

The train is said to have flogged around a corner just prior to the deadly derailment. The accident left 4 people dead and scores injured. An eye witness told reporters that she went the train was moving at an excessive speed which made him believe that the accident was due to human errors.

Kathleen Jones aged 60 who was traveling in the train at the time of the accident told reporters that there was a sudden bang and everybody went flying in different directions. She also said that people were being dragged on the ground as they landed on top of each other.

This case is still ongoing and most of the people from the affected families are very keen to see the type of judgment and/or settlement that will be agreed upon.


Many are the times that one may find him/herself in an accident or even with injuries sustained from various incidences. The wisest thing to do in such a scenario is to seek professional services from a personal services lawyer. This puts you at an advantage since a lawyer is well versed about the right legal procedures and plays a key role in helping you in determining the amount of insurance you should pay/ be paid by the other party. Whatever the type of injuries or accident you have been involved in, addressing it through the legal process is the best and safest way.

Justice for Those Injured in the Brooklyn Bus Accident Involving a BMW

7TH January 2015 is a day several people will live to remember as they wish the scars on their bodies and hearts be erased. A Brooklyn bus on this day was reported to have had a gruesome head-on collision accident involving a BMW car. Three people involved in the accident were reported to have suffered serious injuries while 22 others suffered minor injuries. All these people as well as those who did not get injured but were involved in the accident will surely never forget this fateful day. The blood pooling at the scene will definitely leave a long-lasting image in the minds of all which witnessed the event. This mental torture and physical harm should not be just assumed and left unjustified though.

What exactly took place?

The accident took place in East Flatbush in Utica Avenue near Clarendon road where the black BMW was headed south and the bus headed north. The accident however was not entirely just between the two. The BMW is reported to have been initially parked outside a grocery store and on pulling off from the spot struck a Nissan Maxima and this initial clash pushed the BMW car forward ramming into the bus head-on. Most people at the scene claim that the bus driver did not have any mistake but the police are still investigating the matter.

If the stories witnesses tell come out to be true, the drivers will be in serious trouble. Why would someone drive at neck-breaking speed on a street that is crowded by people? Though nothing much can be said till the full investigation reports are out, it is high time that drivers began taking their jobs seriously and minding all road users while driving.

An accident attorney’s take on the case

After an accident such as this one and others, the most immediate thing is to get all the physically injured persons for medical care and treatment. But what if the injuries sustained change a person’s life for the worse. In some cases people become unable to engage in economically productive activities in future while others retain deformities or scars that are dreaded. Whatever is the outcome; all accident victims deserve best healthcare treatment and above all justice for violation of their rights.

All accident victims have the right to seek compensation and get what they rightfully deserve. Seeking the services of an accident attorney for the victims of this accident is most ideal rather than individuals following claims on their own. This is because city accidents tend to be tricky to claim and get justice. With the services of the right attorney however, all injured in an accident can get the compensations deserved. A good lawyer will get to work and prove beyond doubt that you deserve to not only be compensated but receive the token in a timely manner. Worried you may not be able to afford the services of an attorney? The good news is that personal injury attorney lawyers serving New York do not charge any fee until a claim is successful. So you need not worry about finances. Simply trust your preferred lawyer and get your rightful compensation.

A Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney Can Handle Wrongful Death Cases

In many instances a car accident can be deadly. The worst part of these deadly cases is that in many cases the death may have been completely avoidable. This can especially be evidenced through the way how many moves could have been made by another party in order to prevent an accident or to at least keep the accident from being as traumatic as it could have been. A car accident attorney in Brooklyn may be available to help those who have been impacted by such fatal occurrences.

A recent instance of a car accident attorney taking care of such a case as this can be found in New York. At attorney representing the estate of James McNair was able to reach an out-of-court settlement with Wal-Mart over the accident that killed McNair. A Wal-Mart truck ran into the limo van that was carrying McNair and his friend and comedian Tracy Morgan in 2014. The accident killed McNair and left Morgan with a serious brain injury.

The biggest concern here is that the accident could have been preventable. It had been found in a full review that the driver of the Wal-Mart van was fatigued and was forced into driving even when he had become tired and unable to drive the vehicle to his best potential. This made it to where he was more likely to cause an accident. This eventually led to the fatal wreck.

The issue made it to where an attorney could hold the retail giant liable for the damages caused by the wreck. It eventually led to the out-of-course settlement that provided the McNair estate with the proper compensation for his death and the damages that were caused by it.

While the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, it is clear that the services of the car accident attorney were critical with regards to ensuring that the McNair family would receive justice. This is thanks to how the attorney was able to prepare a deal with Wal-Mart to ensure that the case would be resolved in a timely fashion.

This is critical for all in the Brooklyn area to understand as there are always possibilities for a wreck to be fatal. The fact is that in many cases wrecks like these can be prevented and that sometimes a wreck that did happen could have been much less significant in terms of its damages had some changes been made in order to keep the wreck from being deadly.

A wrongful death case can easily be filed by a lawyer in the event that the auto wreck in question ends up being deadly. This is important as there are always possibilities for wrecks to be like this but an attorney can help with bringing justice and compensation to the right parties in the event that an accident ends up being deadly in any form. This can be critical for all people to understand and review as an attorney may be hired to take care of more than just cases where the people survived a wreck.

Three People Injured in Car Accidents in Brooklyn, New York

Three people were seriously injured in car mishaps in Brooklyn, New York, Monday night. According to police reports, one man incurred serious injuries while two others got minor wounds.

Authorities added that the accident happened at the intersection point of Quentin Rd. and Ocean Pkwy. in Sheepshead Bay. Reportedly, silver Honda Sedan driver thumped into an Infiniti, banging the car towards a light pole at 7:06 p.m.

Authorities said that the 37-year-old man escaped from the car while it seized fire. The victim was brought to a medical center. He suffered serious burns. Police reports added that the doctors in the hospital declared his condition as critical.

Other Details of the Accident

There were people who saw the accident. One woman said that she heard a thunderous bang. Suddenly, she saw one man who was going out the car in flames. The woman said she was really shocked and did not know what to do. She described the victim as a zombie walking, filled with flames.

Another witness said that he screamed when he saw the man who was burning. All that he was able to do was to scream and ask for help.

A few seconds after the accident, a troop of people went to the accident scene and called the ambulance. The victim was rescued right away by a medical team and was sent to the nearest hospital.

The team of NYPD’s Collision Investigation department came to the accident scene to make further investigation.

In a separate car accident, two individuals were also rushed to the hospital after a two cars collided along Coney Island Avenue near Ave. O at 10 p.m. Police reported that the two victims were now in stable condition.

Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer

In the abovementioned car accidents, victims hired the services of a Brooklyn car accident lawyer. They need the services of a car accident lawyer to help them secure necessary and just compensation for the damages done to them.

They met with a car accident lawyer to discuss possible moves that they can use to start the appeal and to review the accidents anew. In this way, they will be able to see results as soon as possible.

Indeed, involvement with a car accident is not a simple situation. Victims must fully cooperate with their lawyer to resolve the issue at the soonest possible time. Victims must share the complete details of the accident with their chosen lawyer. They need to be honest and precise. Most importantly, they need to trust that their lawyer will give them the results that they deserve.

The car accident lawyers who were hired by the victims promised that they will work hard to reward just compensation to their clients. Meetings with concerned parties have already been set. Victims and other parties will discuss the issue. Lawyers are hoping that they will be able to arrive at a just and peaceful negotiation.

If, unfortunately, you got involved with a car accident, do not hesitate to contact a car accident lawyer in Brooklyn.

Deady accidents and clear verdict in an accident case

Car accidents have become a major fatal issue to all people and that too for celebrities at night. A recent fatal car crash in the United States had made everyone to raise their brows. This accident is absolutely tragedy and one of massive accidents occurred recently. This car crash occurred due to the negligence and drunk drive by both car owners. The dance celebrity who drove the car after midnight party collided with another mini cab on the highways. The cab had two women with their kids and driver who were travelling at high speed to reach the airport. Both the vehicles met with a deadly crash, even neighbors around heard the noise at the wee hours, on the road. Both women died at the spot leaving the kids alone on the road. The kids had severe injuries and fractures and the driver was not seen a reasonable distant away the accident spot with severe injuries. The celebrity did not able to speak and totally in unconscious stage at the spot when the police came. The celebrity also broke his shoulder, thigh, and jaw. His head was bleeding and he was totally out of control. Later on investigation, the real causes for the car accident was thrown to light. Drink and drive was the major reason cited by the investigation team and also negligence to some extent.

Both celebrities and the kids were hospitalized for many months till they recover. At present, the celebrity had recovered to some extent but he is unable to walk and speak. His shoulder bone is completely fractured and hence he need someone help for his daily work. This accident case was brought to the court after many adjournments made by the judges. Finally, due to the strong order of the judges the case was initiated with all witness, defendant and plaintiff. The insurance company also present in the court after repeated summons. After hearing the arguments of both sides, judges gave a jaw dropping judgment that made every one relaxed.

Car accident lawyer intervention

In the beginning of the judgment, the court severely criticized the celebrity for driving the car under the influence of alcohol and hence the court wanted to take stringent action against him. However, taking his health is mind; the court relaxed the punishment and also awarded him some compensation from the civil department. The judges warned the celebrity not to drive cab or travel henceforth under the influence of alcohol and if done he will be severely punished without showing any leniency. The kids were given maximum compensation taking their future into consideration. The guardians of the kids were given the priority for governing the kids and also promised to provide full help in the future if any arises. Due to car accident lawyer , the case had a great turn at the end.The cab driver also warned severely and his license is stripped off without notice. Due to his injuries, the court ordered a little compensation to cover his medical expenses. However, the court ordered the insurance companies to disburse the insured amount without partiality to everyone.

The Brooklyn, New York car accident lawyer team is responsible for the quick finishing of the case.

Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney: The Old Men and the 19-Year-Old

A 19-year-old Brooklyn man had just dropped off his older brother to run an errand and proceeded to a nearby gas station for fuel. As he was pulling into the gas station, however, he was struck from the rear by a vehicle driven by a senior male and another male friend. The younger man got out of his car, panicked as this was his first traffic accident. The two older men refused to even get out of their vehicle, much less produce any identification about themselves. Instead, they even refused to get out of the vehicle. Fearing that they would leave, the young man took down the license plate number of the older men’s vehicle.

Soon, the police arrived and took statements of the driver as well as the young man. All the while, the older men stated that the accident was not their fault and that since the 19-year-old was “too young to be driving” he should not have even been in the roadway. Regardless, the police insisted that the older men were at fault and needed to provide them with their license and insurance information. Only after their insistance did the older men do so.

Even though the words were never said, the officers did notice the smell of alcohol on the breaths of the older men. Suspicions arose as a result, that they were trying to avoid getting too far into their responsibility for the accident so that their alcohol tests would not be taken.

By coincidence, a man standing nearby took pity on the young driver and the obvious concern he had about this being his first accident, and not wanting to see him bamboozled by the old men. As a result, he introduced himself to the young man as a Brooklyn car accident attorney, and said that he wanted to help him, which he did, taking his own notes from what he had observed and what had been told to him by both drivers.

Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney: The Battle Resumes

No sooner had the men who had rear-ended the young driver returned to their home than they had filed a claim with their insurance company for their damages. Further, when the insurance investigator asked about the particulars of the accident, the driver insisted that the young man was too young to be driving and was therefore responsible for the accident.

Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney: Case Closed

Lie and evade as much as they want, the Brooklyn car accident attorney wouldn’t stand by until his unofficial client had been repaid for his losses. Fortunately, it didn’t take long before the attorney went to work with the men’s insurance company to fix the problem, with or without the client. The facts of the case remained the facts, a settlement demand was made in writing and the insurance company determined that their client was a fault, regardless of how the men felt about the situation. The Brooklyn car accident attorney refused to stand by while the young man was railroaded, and proved that he would stick by him until the very end.

Sue Me…for What?

The son of a family thought he had the best excuse in the world after an accident before a car accident lawyer Brooklyn got involved. Soon after graduating from college he headed home to begin his careeer. Unfortunately, before he could start a job, he was asked by his parents to run an errand for which he needed to use the family car. Unfortunately, it was while using said family car that he became involved in an auto accident in the nearby parking lot. In the course of this accident, the driver of the car he hit suffered neck injuries that she soon sued the family for return of not only for the repair of her case, but her medical expenses as well. The woman also had suffered minor losses due to missed work and other expenses.

Liability? What Liability? Car Accident Lawyer Brooklyn

The lawsuit against the driver’s family began with no problem until a response to the suit arrived claiming that the person named in the lawsuit was not driving the car on the date and at the time indicated by the lawsuit. Further, the response indicated, the real driver of the vehicle was the son of the owner and he had not been authorized by the owner to use the car, making him responsible for the liability, not his parents. Making matters worse, it was aledged, the driver son had no assets that could be sued for, making the lawsuit all for nothing.

The Truth Revealed by a Car Accident Lawyer Brooklyn

All of this might have made for a good story in a law class, but it wasn’t true if the information the plaintiff’s car accident lawyer Brooklyn had gathered was true. From the very beginning, according to the lawyer, this might have made a good story in a crime novel, but not in real life. The lawyer smelled an all too convenient rat. According to sources that the lawyer’s investigator had been able to uncover, they had been told by the son that instead of driving on his own volition, the truth was that he was driving on his way to pick up his brother at a band lesson at his parent’s instruction. This meant, as a result, that he was driving with his parent’s permission and not on his own as he claimed, making the parents very much responsible for the actions of the driver. It was soon afterwards that the true nature of the driver’s purpose of being out that day came forward, and an equitable settlement deal was proposed.

Needless to say, the case was not turning out as the family had hoped, much to the approval of the injured plaintiff. Once the evidence was uncovered by the plaintiff’s car accident lawyer Brooklyn and a case summary was presented to the defendants and their insurance company, everyone was anxious to settle the matter out of court, which is what was done. Fortunately, at least in this case, not only does crime not pay, but not even a case of small time deception.