December Car Accident Cases for the Car Accident Attorney NY

There is no mention of formal charges in any of these cases, but a car accident attorney NY may find it useful to look into them.

Hit and Run provides useful clue for Police

On the first of December 2014, at around noon, an accident occurred between a Mercury Sedan and a parked Nissan SUV. The accident itself was rather minor since the driver of the Sedan got out of his car and fled the scene. The front bumper of the Sedan had fallen off the vehicle a ways from the incident site, however, leaving its number plate in plain view. Police are working to find the driver using the license plate left behind.

Strange Brooklyn Accident

A bizarre accident occurred in Brooklyn on New York Avenue between President and Union at around 8am on Sunday the 14th of December last year. Witness statements claim that they heard a loud bang and on going to investigate, found one car, a Nissan Maxima Sedan perched across the side of the other, a Honda Fit Compact. There were no serious injuries involved in this particular accident. The driver of the Honda was not around since the car was parked and the driver of the Nissan Maxima crawled safely out of his car. Rescue teams arrived on the scene and attempted to remove the Nissan Maxima from where it was perched.

Consecutive Bochur Accidents

Two consecutive accidents involving Bochurs occurred on the 29th and 30th of December respectively. The first occurred on the intersection between Empire Boulevard and Albany Avenue. That fateful afternoon, a Jewish teenager and his brother attempted to cross a busy street when the pedestrian crossing sign was red. The boy’s brother was narrowly missed while the by himself was hit by a pick-up truck and launched forward a few feet. Miraculously, he survived and managed to get up again and limp over to the sidewalk at the other side of the intersection according to camera footage. While the boy himself was not seriously injured, he was taken to Kings County Hospital for treatment and observation.

The second accident occurred the next day in the evening in front of 770 East Parkway and involved another Jewish teenager crossing the road illegally. This young man also managed to walk away with minor injuries. He attempted to cross the busy thoroughfare a few hundred feet from the designated crosswalk and was hit by a minivan. He too was admitted at the Kings County hospital for his injuries. Both are lucky to have survived such serious accidents with only minor injuries. Both of these cases point to recklessness of pedestrians while crossing the road and should be taken as an example to others.

Serious Accident Leaves One Driver Hospitalized and the Other in Grave Condition

Two drivers collided in a serious accident at the intersection of Ocean Parkway and Quentin Road. One of the drivers, a 37 year old man, got out of his car as it burst into flames. Witnesses say than the man was on fire but walking in something of a daze. He was immediately rushed by paramedics to the Staten Island University Medical Centre having sustained severe burns. The doctors said he was in grave condition. The other driver was taken to the Lutheran Medical Centre in stable condition.

Accident Attorney NYC: $62 Million Awarded As Compensation to a Construction Accident Victim

An immigrant construction worker was involved in a construction accident while at work in Brooklyn area, New York which left him with serious injuries. Other than being bruised, his brain was severely damaged, something which caused him immense pain and suffering which also cut short his promising career in the building industry. His future was without doubt bleak and uncertainty started creeping in. He consulted an experienced accident attorney NYC who took up the case and filed for compensation against his employer. As expected, the employer mounted a strong defense which was meant to reduce the amount of compensation which the injured construction worker would receive or even prevent him from being compensated at all.

The employee was working when he fell from a roof that was 20 meters high. As at the time of his fall, the employer had not provided him with safety and protection equipment which amounted to breach of duty to guarantee the safety of their employees. The accident left the employee’s brain damaged and his attorneys sought compensation for the suffering, mental anguish, the need for current and future medical attention and lost income.

How did the Accident Attorney NYC arrive at the compensation amount?

Justice was served as the injured construction worked was paid $62 million in compensation. Of this amount, $42 million was for suffering and future pain while $20m million was for the suffering which the injured person suffered from the time he was injured until when the compensation was awarded.

What does this award mean to employers?

This huge award for compensation serves to remind employers about the importance of taking the safety of their employees seriously. They need to provide them with the necessary safety equipment which could help them prevent serious injuries in scenarios where unavoidable accidents occur. Employers who don’t provide their employees with the necessary protective gear can be held accountable if something wrong happens. It is a reminder that they have to face the consequences of failing in their expected responsibilities towards the people the employ.

Without doubt, construction sites are among the most dangerous places to work in and if no proper safety protocols are put in place, there is more likelihood that the employees will be placed in serious danger. The injured immigrant construction worker could have been provided with the necessary safety harness. It’s a clear warning to employers who are shirking their responsibilities. The long period which it took for the case to be completed and compensation awarded is a clear testimony as to why working with a reputable accident attorney NYC can be the difference between being awarded a decent compensation or losing out completely.

Handling the tricky part

Perhaps, one of the trickiest part when dealing with construction accidents is that there are several parties who are involved for the injury of one employee. It could be the manufacturer of the protective equipment, the person who erected the platform or failure by the employer to provide the worker with a protective gear. It takes an experienced and dedicated accident attorney NYC to determine where the blame squarely lies. Also, there are important timelines which should be taken into consideration as well as technical standards that should be met.

Car Accident And Judgment News In Brooklyn


Accidents are sometimes unavoidable and no one sees them coming. Since no one will ever be in a position to predict when they might be involved in an accident, it is important for everyone to ensure that they are well-prepared. One such of preparing oneself is by making sure that one has the contacts of one’s personal lawyers. If one is a resident of New York, one needs to make sure he or she has contacts to at least one car accident lawyer New York.

Recent car accidents

The New Year is still very young and almost a week ago, there was an accident in Brooklyn. The vehicles involved in this accident were a public transport Brooklyn bus and a BMW. Although it is not up to witnesses to determine who was guilty, the BMW ran straight into the bus which was packed by the roadside. This accident left a total of 25 people injured with three of those being in a critical condition. The three were from the BMW and it is expected that the BMW was the one destroyed more as compared to the bus. If the two drivers are to stand a chance of receiving their compensations, they must certainly contact the services of a car accident lawyer New York.

Car accident injuries that a car accident lawyer New York might pursue

There are several ways of ensuring that the victims of car accidents get compensated. The parties involved, for example, might decide to settle out of court. Should there be no amicable solution outside the court, the parties involved will be required to battle it out in a court of law. The judgments made in the courts of law are determined by the amount of injuries caused and sustained by those who caused and the victims of the accident respectively. Some of the common injuries that have been experienced in car accidents in New York include but not only limited to arm injuries, back injuries, amputation injuries and leg injuries. All these injuries are liable to compensation depending on the extent of those injuries.

An accident case judgment that was reversed

There are times when the court rulings might not be favorable to either side involved in the accident and there is always room to file an appeal. A good example is when a court of law in New York found the defendant liable of causing the accident and was required by the ruling to pay for the past suffering and medical expenses. This was in 1996 and the victim wanted more so their accident lawyer appealed for more compensation. The lawyer was seeking for compensation to his client on future pain and suffering that might come to be because of the accident. Luckily, the ruling was in their favor and the victim was compensated with $10000 that included a non-fixed rate for future pain and suffering.


The victim would however not have been able to receive all that compensation had not been for the good car accident lawyer. It is, therefore, advised that everyone gets their own personalized car accident lawyer, since no one knows when they might need the services of one.

Auto Accident Lawyer New York: Brooklyn Parents Planning A $70M Lawsuit

Auto Accident Lawyer New York: Brooklyn Parents Planning A $70M Lawsuit

Court papers indicate that the NYPD parents of the 19 year old student who was injured critically when a robbery suspect slammed into her mother’s car are planning to sue the city. The police were on a high speed chase in Brooklyn and were in pursuit of the robbers when their car rammed into an oncoming vehicle. Now, the reports say that the parents are putting together a $70 million lawsuit which is likely to be a headliner over the coming the days. It also has been reported that they are to be aided by a high profile auto accident lawyer in New York City.

Since the November crash, Natalie Ferber has remained in a comma even as doctors do their best to help her come out of it. Ferber’s mom, Nancy Lawrence is an NYPD sergeant but was off duty on the day of the accident. On the day of the accident, Natalie was a front seat passenger in her mother’s Nissan Versa. As they were making a turn at Ave. U and Burnett Street in Marine Park, Edwards who is aged 34 smashed into their car. The accident was so fatal that there was confusion before emergency measures were taken.

Auto accident lawyer New York City: Speed limits exceeded

Lawyers were quick to pint out that at the time of the accident; the cops were on the wrong. This is after it was noticed that they were on a high speed chase through the city streets even though the laws of the city prohibit this.

”We are investigating to find out whether one of the cars chasing Randy had been ordered by a supervisor to stop” police sources said.

According to medical reports, Ferber suffered severer damages on her brains and this is the reason why she has continued to be in a comma. In addition to that, there are fears that even if she survives the accident, she might be crippled. According to one of the lawyers, this is something that calls for compensation to the family and that is the reason why a lawsuit is necessary. It also has been reported that since the day of the accident, the mother has not been the same person and that her life has been that of misery unlike the one that she enjoyed with her happy family just before the accident.

There is still hope for the family

However, lawyers also said that the family should not give up completely on their daughter. They said that sometimes, miracles happen and that things could turn out differently from what has been projected.

However, regardless of the way that this case unfolds, one thing that is without a doubt is that if the suit is finalized, there is going to be a lot of activities o the courtrooms and the focus will be on the outcome. Considering the nature of the suit and the circumstances that surround it, the only thing that can be expected is that emotions will run high and confrontations are likely to be inevitable.

How an Accident attorney New York Successfully Filed for a $54M in compensation awarded to a injured departmental store employee

While working for a departmental store in the Brooklyn area, New York, an unnamed employee was injured by a box that fell off a trolley. Together with other employees, they were loading shelves when a heavy box fell on his head. He was rushed to a nearby hospital immediately and remained hospitalized for several months. He was diagnosed with cracked skull and damage to the brain which made it impossible for him to continue working. Also, he was required to take certain type of medication for the rest of his life because of the injuries to his brain. On realizing how life changing the accident was, his family decided to talk to an accident attorney New York and find out about the possibility of filing for compensation.

What the Accident attorney New York did

After recording the facts of the matter, the accident lawyer was of the opinion that there was negligence on the part of the employer as they failed to provide the injured employee with protective gear. The experienced lawyer reiterated that it was important to hold the employer responsible for the suffering and pain which the employee underwent since they didn’t exercise the duty that was required of them. If the employee could have been given a protective headgear, the extent of injuries to the skull as well as the brain could have been minimized considerably. The New York based attorneys went ahead to file for compensation on behalf of the injured employee.

How much compensation did the attorneys ask for?

The lawyers asked for compensation based on the following criteria: lost future income, current and past medication, pain and suffering which the injured person underwent. They sought a total of $80 million. However, after fighting it out in the court with the lawyer representing the departmental chain, the amount that was awarded as compensation is $54 million. It took a total of 4 years before the decision for the award was passed by the judge. Because of this, it becomes very clear that justice for any injured person can be elusive and unless you work with an experienced accident attorney in New York, your chances of being fairly compensated is minimal.

What is the duty of an employer to its employees?

It’s the duty of employers to ensure that the safety of their employees is well taken care of. Depending on the nature of work, the employers are required to provide basic safety gear such as helmets, gloves, and sound reduction systems among others depending on the nature of work that is being handled. It’s natural that any party that is responsible for the injuries sustained by another person is held responsible. But with news everywhere being reported about employers who have been accused of negligence teaming up with their insurers to mount a legal challenge to deny responsibility for their employees injuries, it really helps when you get a reputable accident attorney New York expert working with you. This is one of the best methods for injured persons to ensure that they receive fair compensation.

Successful personal injuries cases in New York

There are diverse scenarios where enlisting the services of a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney New York can be indispensable. Accidents especially those that arise from the negligence of others can never be anticipated and if you happen to undergo such an ordeal it is only right you receive an appropriate compensation.

Reduction of quality of life

Many personal injury lawsuits dwell on the pertinent issue of deterioration of the quality of life most victims’ experience. Whether in terms of being no longer able to maintain gainful employment, serious health complications as well as grisly mutilations. Such lawyers are out of necessity highly skilled in the art of determining, based on medical assessment, just what compensation is ideal for victims.

Some of the most notable personal injury attorney New York cases

Naturally, there happen to be plenty of such lawsuits that have occurred in this State and this article is geared at reviewing some of the most notable.

Broome County baby medical malpractice case

The New York legal fraternity was very recently shocked after a judge awarded a Broome County victim one of the largest personal injury compensation. Not only in New York, but also the entire US. The victim happened to be a baby who suffered brain damage from complications at birth due to medical malpractice. In a nutshell, with the assistance of a team of highly conversant lawyers the parents of this unfortunate child were able to receive $103,000,000 in damages.

Motor vehicle personal injury case

A short while ago a pedestrian who was struck down by a bus suffered the loss of her legs and was able to get a compensation verdict of $27,000,000 thanks to her astute lawyers. Which is undeniably one of the highest for such accidents in the history of the State of New York.

Con Edison personal injury settlement

On the other hand, some unfortunate tenants who got injured due to the gross negligence of Con Edison when a gas pipe exploded were also able to get a significant compensation. Which came by as a result of an out of court settlement negotiated by their attorneys to the tune of $14,000,000.

Former Pepsi plant construction personal injury accident

Finally, very recently a construction worker was able to land a compensation of $25,000,000 for injuries he sustained while carrying out his duties. In essence, this man had the misfortune of falling 23 feet from a scaffold during the tearing down of the former Pepsi plant located in Long Island. This compensation was negotiated in an out of court settlement.

Personal injury lawyers bring with them a wealth of skills and experience

In all these cases, it is evident that the services of a professional personal injury attorney New York played a substantial role in their favorable culmination. These lawyers make it their business to assist unfortunate individuals that have suffered grievous bodily harm as well as psychological trauma due to the carelessness or willful negligence of others. As would be expected such lawsuits are for the most part intricate and necessitate strict adherence to the laid down legal procedures. And getting able representation can be the key for victims to get the justice they deserve. Particularly when it comes to conducting out of court settlement negotiations and also trial lawsuits on behalf of their clients.

Auto accidents are avoided if driver is attentive

Negligent and rash driving of the drivers are the major reasons for auto accident cases in many countries. Protecting the clients’ rights is exactly done by the Brooklyn, New York lawyers. The client was traveling on the road in his bike on a sunny summer day without any influence of drinks. He was riding his bike up the hill to have a meal with his family members after the work on the dry road. His speed of driving was very normal and did not exceed the maximum limit. He noticed an SUV that was parked down the hill facing opposites. The driver of the SUV was not taking care on vehicles traveling on the road and involved in conversation with someone without listening to anyone on the road. When the client was driving near to the SUV, the driver of the SUV suddenly took a U turn very suddenly and hit the client very harshly. This made the client to suffer a fracture in his pelvis area and had severe face injuries with multiple scratches. His hand was also had severe bleeding and one of his fingers had broken.

This case was brought to the auto accident lawyers Brooklyn, New York with a lot of expectations. The case was analyzed in all sides and the main reasons were listed. The driver’s rash turn and inattentive approach were the main reasons for the accident. Hence, the case was sued against the SUV owner and the insurance company that denied giving the insurance amount to the plaintiff. This case was brought to the court by the plaintiff with the help of the lawyers. However, the case was adjourned due to the opposite party’s absence. This was going on for many instances until the plaintiff made a strong appeal in the court. The plaintiff’s query was heard strongly by the court and the opposite party was summoned.

Role of auto accident lawyer is inevitable

On a one fine day, the court had the case with all people involved in the case. The insurance company was present in the court during the case proceedings. The insurance company strongly denied compensating the client without strong base. Hence, the auto accident lawyer defeated all the false statements of the insurance company and the SUV owner by stating the exact things at the court. The judge ordered the insurance to pay a sum of 2.5 million dollars as compensation to the client for the medical expenses and mental embarrassment. Also, the clients’ family received solace by means of exact judgment in a short period of time. The insurance company was severely criticized by the court and advised all companies not to involve in anti customer activities. Also, these companies were told to disburse pending compensation to the customers without dragging g them. The court ordered the police to take stringent actions against the rash and inattentive driving on the road and told to support the sufferers at once they met with the accident. It also applauded the role of the lawyers in this case and backed their arguments.

A Widow Gets $33 Million Compensation For Her Husband Death while Another Woman is Awarded $25 Million For Brain Injury

The family of the highway worker (Andrew) who has killed in a car accident three years ago in Brooklyn has received $33 million compensation. The accident occurred in August 2011 when his car was hit by the oncoming truck. He sustained head and abdomen injury but succumbed to injuries three months after an accident. According to the widow, Margaret Andrew, a mother of two, it was not an easy task to get compensation. After 6 months claiming compensation for wrongful death, her cousin advised her to file wrongful death lawsuit with Brooklyn accident lawyer.

She looked for a reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn. The lawyer was determined to see her awarded adequate and fair compensation that she entitled to. Her lawyer worked hard to gather information and witnesses.

Her lawyer knew wrongful death lawsuit is complicated and requires thorough preparation. The lawyer gathered the evidence and witnesses that were able to convince the jury that the other driver was at fault. According to the presiding judge, the other driver was at fault; Brooklyn police investigations pointed over speeding and drive under influence as the major causes of an accident. The compensation covered;

Medical and funeral expenses- because Andrew spends more than three months in the hospital, the family was compensated for the medical expenses they incurred. The family was awarded compensation for the funeral expenses they incurred.

Lost earning- Andrew was the family breadwinner, to ensure the family quality of life is not compromised; the family was compensated lost wages. This ensured her children are well raised and received the good education.

Lost companionship- the widow was also compensated for losing her husband.

Pain and suffering- the family was compensated for the pain and suffering they have undergone for losing their son, a father, and husband.

In addition, punitive fines were applied.

The widow thanked her lawyer for working hard to ensure she gets the fair and adequate compensation that will enable her family to live well. Her lawyer encouraged people who lost their loved ones or incurred injuries to file a lawsuit claiming compensation for the damages.

In another car accident settlement, a woman who sustained brain injuries after she was hit by a car on her way home has been awarded $25 million approved by the Michigan High Court. Patel was walking home from a nearby shopping mall when 2 cars crashed on the busy road. A car that was trying to avoid impact with the other cars hit her leaving her with severe brain injury and multiple fractures. The accident also left two drivers dead. According to police investigations, over speeding was the major cause of the accident. The compensation award covered;

Pain and suffering

Lost earnings

Medical bills and punitive fines

File wrongful death lawsuit or personal injury claim with accident lawyer

If you have incurred auto accident injuries or you have lost your loved one to an auto accident, you are entitled to file a lawsuit against personal accident lawyer. To ensure you get fair and adequate compensation, you should file the lawsuit as soon as possible.

One Person Killed and Two others left with Severe Head Injuries in a Car Accident in New York

A Car Crash Kills One Person and leaves two others with Severe Head Injuries in New York

Auto Accidents or vehicle accidents can be very traumatic to the victims especially when the cause of the accident is somebody else’s fault. When you are a victim of a car accident you will definitely have the shock of the accident incident and additionally, you may be left with fatal personal injuries and destroyed or damaged a vehicle. Wrongful death is the ultimate result any auto accident. For instance, a man was killed and two other people sustained severe injuries in a 2-car rear end crash involving a drunk driver in New York. The driver was charged with vehicular homicide, alongside other traffic offenses. According to police reports, the man was identified as Rory Curtis aged 72 years was driving a Mercedes Benz on Solley road. The police officers who responded to the scene reported that the man was found dead on the scene. The other two people who were in an SUV had severe head injuries. The two victims were identified as Kevin and Molly both from Winona. Rory had minor personal injuries and was suspected of being drunk before being arrested. An alcohol breath test was done to the suspect before being confirmed leading to legal charges.

Two People Killed in a Car Crash in Brooklyn

In another incident witnessed in Brooklyn killed two people after an accident involving two vehicles.According to eye witnesses, the accident impact was so severe and one of the cars ended up splitting in half after it hit a utility pole. According to the reports from police, the two victims who died instantly were traveling in a Nissan Maxima that was heading south in Marine Park. The Nissan vehicle hit a BMW that was coming from Flatbush Avenue as per the police reports. according to a video retrieved from surveillance cameras which had captured the crash the Maxima vehicle was going at a higher speed than the other cars before the accident occurred. An investigation is still underway to clearly determine which car had the right to pass and clearly determine who was responsible for the accident

Auto Accident Lawyer

If you or your loved ones get involved in an auto accident where the cause is another person’s fault, you are legally entitled to compensation. However, the process of acquiring the compensation for all medical expenses and other damages from the accident requires skills and experience on the entire legal process. This is because many insurance companies tend to pay less than what the victim is worth. Therefore, for maximum compensation through a legal settlement process, you require help from auto accident lawyers and professionals. The lawyers have the required experience and knowledge regarding a legal settlement and compensation process. These professionals will give you the right guidance and help to go through the legal settlement process to ensure a successful maximum compensation for your losses. Additionally, compensation for suffering and pain may not be recognized by the responsible parties but with the help of auto accident lawyers, you are guaranteed to get the maximum compensation in all the aspects regarding the car accident.

Prosecutor says trucker in Morgan crash lacked sleep

The WalMart truck driver from Georgia blamed for setting off an accident in New Jersey that discriminatingly harmed Tracy Morgan and killed an alternate entertainer had not rested for more than 24 hours, a criminal protestation said. The accident attorney involved in the case agreed.

A court official on Monday said 35-year-old Kevin Roper is planned to face an introductory court appearance on Wednesday. He stays free in the wake of posting $50,000 bonds.

Roper has been accused of death via auto and four tallies of attack via auto.

Powers said the Jonesboro, Georgia, occupant evidently neglected to moderate for activity ahead right on time Saturday in Cranbury Township and swerved at last to dodge an accident. Rather, his huge apparatus crushed into the again of Morgan’s chauffeured Mercedes limo transport, slaughtering humorist James.

The 45-year-old performer and entertainer, a previous “Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock” cast part, stayed in discriminating condition early Monday. Morgan’s representative, Lewis Kay, said he was “more responsive” Sunday in the wake of having surgery for a broken leg.

Kay said Morgan additionally endured a broken femur, a broken nose, and a few broken ribs and is required to stay hospitalized for a few weeks. He said Morgan’s family is hugely overpowered and keen to the overflowing of affection and backing from his fans.

Tyrone Gale, who was driving the limo transport, told ABC News that he was bewildered after the vehicle flipped over and could hear Morgan shouting for help.

WalMart President Bill Simon said in an announcement that the organization “will assume full liability” if powers focus its truck created the mischance.

The National Transportation Safety Board is working with state police to take a gander at any issues in the accident identified with business trucking and limousine security.

Morgan, a New York City local, was coming back from a stand-up execution at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Delaware when the accident happened. Taking all things together, six vehicles were included in the pileup, however, nobody from alternate autos was harmed.

This photograph gave by the New Jersey State Police shows Kevin Roper. Roper, a WalMart truck driver …

At a press occasion Saturday in Los Angeles to advance the promising new parody film “Take on a similar mindset as A Man Too,” cast parts, a significant number of whom have worked with and are companions with Morgan, wished him well.

Kevin Hart said he owes quite a bit of his prosperity to Morgan, crediting him for making ready for funnies like himself to end up effective.

“We simply need him to show signs of improvement and to return to everybody that cherishes him and return to doing what he excels at, making individuals snicker,” Hart said.

Fuqua’s mother, Doris, said she went to him to the clinic Saturday. The author humorist had visited with Morgan for almost a year, she said and had opened for him Friday night.

Mcnair, 62, of Peekskill, New York, was a nearby companion and coach to Morgan, Morgan’s ex, Sabina Morgan, told the New York Daily News. “He was one of the first comics that took Tracy under his wing,” she said.

Royale Watkins, a Los Angeles-based comic who said he had performed in New York clubs with Morgan and Mcnair, portrayed Mcnair as having a fair identity.

In such situation, everyone requires a qualified accident attorney.