What does the New York no-fault law mean to you?


If you drive a motor vehicle in the state of New York these rules pertain to you in the event of an automobile accident. The law was signed into law in 1973 and its purpose is to make sure motorists get compensated quickly and substantially as a motor accident victim. This law relates to personal injury and not physical damage to motor vehicles. There are quite a few idiosyncrasies to this law and I’ll cover them below in summary.

What if I have the economic loss due to a motor vehicle accident? How does the New York no-fault law pertain to me?

The no-fault law is applicable only to cars and not to motorcycles. Motorcycles were probably excluded because of the high frequency of accidents for those vehicle types. There is something called First Party Benefits which is meant to reference persons that qualify for the New York no-fault law. This pertains to persons occupying vehicles or pedestrians injured by a party with insurance. Basically if you are the victim of an auto accident and the other driver isn’t insured you aren’t entitled to getting really any compensation unless you sue the other party or there is some other type of full coverage that would apply on your end.

What types of things aren’t covered under the New York no-fault law?

Anyone who is injured due to his or her intentional act against his or herself is excluded. When the accident happened you can’t have been drinking or have been intoxicated in any way. And yes, if you are committing a felony or running from the police you will be excluded. Also if your street racing or doing a speed test in your vehicle you are unable to be covered under this law. Lastly if you are operating a stolen vehicle you are also disqualified. The exclusion is not automatic but these guidelines above are the basis for qualification or disqualification. These pertain specifically to the driver of the vehicle so passengers that are victims in the automobile can still qualify for claims due to the drivers conduct.

What is a First Party Benefit relating to the New York no-fault law?

A first party beneficiary is basically someone who qualifies and hasn’t been excluded. These persons can be anyone involved in an accident that has damages caused by an insured party. These are typically related to economic loss arising out of the use of a motor vehicle. Basic economic loss for an individual can be up to 50,000 per person. Items that are included are necessary expenses for medical within 1 year of the injury. Loss of earnings and reasonable necessary expenses relating to normal income and can be up to 2,000 per month for up to three years. Other miscellaneous expenses can be $25 per day and not more than a year after the accident. There is also an option to purchase an additional $25,000 of coverage through the New York no-fault law which the insured can use to offset loos of earnings from work and or psychiatric, physical or rehab beyond the initial $50,000 and only after that loss has been exhausted.

Are You In Need of a No-fault Accident Attorney?


Why Do You Need Legal Help For a No-fault law New York

If you often pass by bus, there is a probability that you could be engaged in a No-fault law New York whenever. This does not always imply that you are at mistake. Crashes in some cases merely happen despite exactly how difficult we attempt to prevent them. Regrettably, a bus crash could be horrendous as well as live transforming effects to a target and also those near to the sufferer. Significant injuries could be suffered, residential property shed, and also in severe situations, lives could be too soon ended. When injuries are received, the targets frequently need to sustain extended periods of discomfort and also lessened performance as a result of the incapability to function. In the worst situations, injuries could induce paralysis that make the people entirely not able to function as well as need to hinge on others to make it through. With a No-fault law New York, appropriate solutions could be obtained for such unfavorable advancements.

Where Can a No-fault Accident Attorney Be Found?

One concern that everybody had an effect on by bus mishaps or engaged in them need to ask is why they require lawful portrayal. Sadly, some individuals never ever acquire excellent responses or any type of responses to that concern; in some cases merely since they never ever asked the best individuals or did not ask whatsoever. After the crash, a bus mishap legal representative is just what a target or family members have to ideal method as well as solve the concern. It is not automated that complying with the crash, the target or sufferer’s family members will be made up. The concern will certainly likely wind up in court with the Bus Firm and also vehicle driver attempting as long as feasible to prevent making up the target by changing obligation to them. Often, the whole thing is dinged this that you acquire much less compared to the quantity you are qualified to in settlement. This could induce a bunch of agony to currently annoyed sufferers who exactly do not understand anything regarding the lawful procedure and also payment No-fault law New York.

Exactly what a Bus Crash Legal representative Will Provide for You

When you get in touch with a No-fault law New York, you could kick back as well as unwind recognizing totally well that your problem will certainly be managed promptly as well as expertly. Not just will the legal representative make sure that you acquire made up however likewise that you obtain every little thing you are worthy of as well as at the earliest feasible time. Having your bus mishap situation asserted out by a no-fault accident attorney makes sure blunders that can cause little or no settlement are gotten rid of. A skilled legal representative will certainly understand the course to take and also acquire your settlement while staying away from mistakes that might burglarize you of merely payment. Furthermore, your civil liberties as a crash sufferer will certainly be completely checked out No-fault law New York. If you decide to deal with it alone, you might not recognize with all the legislations as well as just how they are put on the scenarios of your situation to produce the very best feasible outcomes. A bus crash legal representative will certainly be ideal put to use lawful expertise and also going through for the complete perk of the mishap sufferer. If you have a bus crash concern in New York City and also do not understand exactly what to do, there is constantly one ideal point to do. Locate a bus crash legal representative as well as every little thing else will certainly be dealt with.

Things You should Know about No Fault Accident Insurance

Things You should Know about No Fault Accident Insurance

When no single driver is at fault for a car accident, you have to go for a no fault accident insurance and each driver can claim with their insurance companies to recover damages. They can contact a car accident lawyer and get the proper instructions from him regarding the procedure.

Types of No Fault Accident Insurance

There are two types and the pure form is the most common one. In this type, drivers don’t go for nuisance lawsuits and they claim for damages of their vehicles and injury costs. ‘Add-on’ is the second type which is available in some states. In this type, you have the ability to file a claim with your insurance company without finding out who was at fault, but most states don’t offer this second type of insurance.

Benefits of No Fault Accident Insurance

The aim of introducing the no fault accident insurance is to reduce the amount of lawsuits regarding car accidents and save courts money. This will be a great help for drivers too as they don’t have to waste their time and money on useless lawsuits. They can cover their damages and injury costs easily and quickly. This offers a lot of protection too. Though someone are questioning about the effectiveness of this insurance, we can’t forget about the faster claiming handling process it has.

No Fault Accident Insurance is not a Way to Get Rid of Your Fault

Always remember that you can be still sued with no fault accident insurance and it is not an option to cover your fault. Before you are allowed to cover the damages and injury costs under this type of insurance, particular financial thresholds should have to be met. Opposite party can go for litigation if people are suffered from extreme injuries or the car has severe damages. Being uninsured is a common reason to be sued with no fault accident insurance.

Does Your State has No Fault Accident Insurance?

You can go for this insurance only if your state allows it. While some states urge drivers to select the no fault accident insurance option, some states give the opportunity to select the typical coverage or no fault coverage. This type of insurance is available in about dozen of states including Florida, Kansas, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii and Pennsylvania. As mentioned above, most of them offer only the pure form of insurance.

Is No Fault Accident Insurance Cheaper?

Though some people say this is cheaper than the typical coverage, some people believe that there isn’t a much difference between two. When thinking about the expenditure for nuisance lawsuits, you will be able to understand that no fault accident insurance is a money saver in the long run.

Now a days, this type of insurance is becoming popular among drivers specially due to the time and money saving features it has. Though your state doesn’t provide no fault insurance now, it will be available in the near future. When you have a rough idea about this insurance, it’s better to contact a suitable person and clear you doubts.

The New York No-Fault Law

In New York State no fault insurance is purchased as component of auto
insurance policy before you are legally allowed to operate the vehicle.
No fault insurance is also called personal injury protection coverage
(PIPO). This law is vital due to its ability to protect passengers from
injuries sustained in a car accident.

No fault insurance law has the following elements:

  • Fifty thousand dollars in personal injury protection (PIP);
  • Ten thousand dollars in property damage liability (PDL);
  • Twenty five thousand dollars in uninsured motorist coverage.

Besides, as a driver in New York, you are required to purchase an
additional protection cover in the event that the fifty thousand cover
is not adequate to cover all the damages. Additional personal injury
protection coverage (APIP) can be bought as additional increments of
fifty thousand dollars to cover lost wages and additional expenses.

Additional personal injury protection coverage (APIP) offers the following:

  • No performance , out of state loss protection to cover guests or anybody involved in a car accident;
  • Lost wages for the driver only.

On the other hand, no fault means payment of medical bills of up to
fifty thousand dollars without taking regard of the person who caused
the accident. There are two things that take place after a car accident:

  • No fault insurance pays your lost wages and medical bills except
    when an accident involves motorcycles, heavy trucks or buses. Also,
    protection of bicycle riders and pedestrians.
  • A law suit to ascertain the cause of the accident.

The no fault law rules out recovery for suffering and pain between the
persons who are covered unless the victims involved in the accident
sustains serious injuries.

Blow is a list of no fault serious injuries in the law of insurance in New York State:

  • Dismemberment – involves loss of a body part, mutilation or mangling;
  • Death as a result of accident;
  • Significant disfigurement such as a scar;
  • Traumatic abortion – loss of fetus;
  • A fracture like a broken bone;
  • Significant limitation of using a body system or function;
  • Permanent consequential limitation of using a body organ;
  • A medical condition limiting an injured person from performing
    material acts which comprises of customary and usual daily chores for
    more than ninety days out of 180 days. This means that you will miss
    work for three months in the initial six months after the occurrence of
    the accident. Missing work should be determined by a medical
    practitioner. This means that the doctor indicates that you are unable
    to work. In addition, you should demonstrate that indeed you cannot
    carry out the customary daily chores. These customary chores may range
    from driving children to school, house work or other activities.
  • Permanent loss of use of a member, system, body organ or function.
    No longer have uses part of the body because the injured person can
    qualify for one.

It is important to involve a lawyer when pursuing the claim. Personal
injury lawyers in New York charges one third fee of the claim. The
expenses you will incur will be paid by your lawyer. When the claim is
resolved, the lawyer is reimbursed for the expenses from the award. The
expenses that can be paid by your lawyer are:

  • Filing fees;
  • Deposition transcripts fees;
  • Payment of doctors and experts to testify;
  • Medical records;
  • Investigations;
  • Meals;
  • Process servers.

No Fault law in New york

The lawmakers of New York has enacted a law called No fault Insurance
Law New York in order to make sure that people are protected whenever
they get involved in car accidents.

The no fault law New York states that a person needs to be compensated within a reasonable time.

In the past the courts have been overwhelmed with the number of
insurance claims, they are not able to attend to these cases right away
and because of that a lot of vehicle injury claims have been extremely

The New York No fault law has been created to protect the victims and for the people responsible to pay up as soon as possible.

What is stated in New York State No fault insurance law?

According to the terms stated in the No Fault insurance law New York the vehicle operator needs to have a mandatory insurance.

The insurance claim needs to fulfill the terms that have been presented in the New York no fault rules.

It has to be able to insure certain people and would have to follow a
cover claim up to a certain limit as mandated by the state.

Regardless of whoever is the one who is at fault during the accident
the insurance that they have gotten needs to able to cover basic
economic losses in order to fall in the no fault insurance category.

This will protect the victims in the accident and will ensure that they
will be able to get financial compensation from the insurance policy
without the need of going to court.

The No fault law New York insurance is limited, it can only cover the
medical expenses and lost earnings of up to $50,000, the damages that
will go further than this stated amount will no longer be awarded under
the mandate of the no-fault insurance law.

There are some victims who will suffer more damages beyond the $50,000 amount.

For this cases the law can interfere, the victims can precede filing a case in court.

What is considered as serious injury as stated in the New York Insurance Law?

In Section 5102 of the New York Insurance law, serious injury is those that can result to death and dismemberment.

It can be considered as serious injury when it will result to the death
of the fetus, permanent loss of use of a body organ or system.

It is a serious injury if the person suffers from the loss of activity
and movement from customary daily activities that is not less than 90

Some U.S States have tried to remove their No fault Insurance Law New York and have cited that it is ineffective and vague.

The state of Colorado was able to remove their no fault system in the
year of 2003 while Florida state has passed a new no-fault law on
January 2008.

They have started that this law will be able to cover claims for bodily
injury and it can also be used for medical bills for drivers and their
companions during the time of the accident that was at fault for the

No-Fault Laws New York

New York State no fault law requires all motor vehicles to offer protection coverage in personal injuries to ensure that anyone injured
in case of an accident involving the motor vehicle gets benefits
regardless of the fault or was responsible for the accident. No fault
insurance gives reimbursement to the injured person’s financial or
economic loss, that include lost earnings, medical expenses, and many
others like household help, travel expenses and prescriptions. Unless
additional benefits are purchased by the insured, no fault benefit is
limited to $50,000. Within a period of thirty days after the occurrence
of the accident, no fault claim must be filed before collecting No fault
benefits, failure to which could lead to loss or reductions of gains.
You must file the claim with the company which insured the vehicle, or,
in case of a pedestrian, with the automobile which knocked you. The
insurance company can only pay the benefits as stated in the no fault
insurance law New York.

In case the vehicle is not insured, you should file a no fault claim to
your vehicle’s insurance firm or with the insurance firm of any of your
family member. If neither you nor any of your family members, during the
accident, never had any auto insurance policy, you are allowed to file
no fault benefit claim Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification
Corporation Indemnification Corporation (MVAIC).

Under the fault insurance law New York, there are certain exceptions
where the individual who is injured in a vehicle accident cannot be
covered. Even the injured striders due to motorcycle accident may claim
for No Fault benefits, the passengers and drivers of motorcycle are not
insured. Anyone who causes an accident intentionally or under influence
of drugs or alcohol is denied No- Fault benefits. Drivers who are not
insured are not covered in the No- Fault if the vehicle that caused the
accident is not insured.

No- Fault companies normally takes a maximum of thirty days from the day
it gets all relevant information from the victim. The insurance firm is
obligated to pay you 80% of the total damages, up to highest amount of
$2000 each month. The NO-Fault company must pay lost earnings for a
period of 3 years beginning in the day the accident occurred or until a
payment of $50000 in combined benefits has been paid, any which comes

In case the accident involved your child or any of your family member
who is not looking after claims of a personal injury, you can, on their
own behalf, is require by law file no-fault law New York benefits as
stipulated by the law. Guardian or parent of a child who is under
eighteen years is by law, responsible for all treatments and medical
bills incurred during treatment to the kid due to the accident. In New
York, the general rule is that any kid below eighteen years is not
liable for personal treatment. The treatment and medical bill should be
submitted with the period permitted by law, failure to which the
insurance company cannot pay any bill.

How no-fault insurance law New York works?

No fault insurance law New York operates under a common fault based
system. Insurance organization makes payments according to each
individual’s degree of fault in a specific motor vehicle accident. But
expensive and long court fights are always needed to determine who is at
fault in most of the accidents. In trying to lessen this issue, New
York have adopted a substitute no fault insurance law New York system.
If you have been involved in the accident under this system, the
insurance company will pay for your damages by not considering about
fault. In exchange for this definite payment, you should give up certain
rights to file a law suit on the other driver who involved in the
accident. There are some factors of no fault insurance law New York like
property damage and medical payment are normally paid without looking
the fault.

This insurance system is aimed to decrease the car insurance premiums
through lowering the amount of car accident cases in the courts, through
limiting recovery for the damages and through offering limited amount
for losses. In a pure no fault system, the insurance company pay for the
damages like lost income, medical expenses etc up to the insurance
policy limit and you will be fully restricted from suing the other
driver for non economic damages. Currently no state operate under a pure
no fault method of insurance.

Most of the states have not using the no fault system with small
modification. It shows that the insurance company still pays the amount
for the economic damages to the policy limit and you may be permitted to
sue the other driver for the non economic damages when the damages
amount cross the particular tort threshold. It can be monetary, verbal
or both and it is made to limits sue to the serious damages. There are
plenty of benefits one you can get from no fault insurance law New York.
There will fast payment of claims through removing the time and
expensive consuming litigation on the liability.

There will not be any splitting charges with the attorneys. It reduces
the insurance rates due to the costly non economic damages rewards and
legal charges needed to defend the claims of liability are removed. No
fault insurance law New York decreases the amount of lawsuits in the
state, there are no subsidizing uninsured car owners, and the insurance
company covers the medical expenses. This system reduces a rate that is
car insurance is accessible to the people of reduced ways. There are
also some disadvantages one can see in the no fault insurance law New

There is no compensation for suffering or other non economic damages.
Bad drivers are protected on pure no fault insurance systems because
they cannot be sued and so there is no incentive. Under no fault
insurance law New York, the rates are costly and they are 25 percent
higher. There is no reduction in the litigation amount and no fault
states contain limits on liability and so people forced to pay for the
unpaid medical expenses.

About New York No Fault Law

The New York no-fault law is one of the best laws in the New York
states. The law, as the name suggest, advocates for compensation when an
automobile accident has occurred regardless of who the blame is
directed to. The people who are eligible to benefit under the law
include the drivers of the vehicles involved in an accident and their
passengers. The vehicles involved in the accident are also covered under
the law. The pedestrians and the bicyclists are also covered hence
needs to benefit from the law when an accident occurs and they are
involved. But all motor vehicles need to receive insurance cover for the
no fault law before the above people can benefit from the law. This
makes work easier if the vehicles are registered under the no fault law.
The no fault law New York helps the people involved in the accident to
receive a segment of the financial losses incurred during the accident.
The reimbursement received includes the medical expenses the person
incurred, the lost earnings and the travel expenses among other expenses

No Fault Insurance Law New York

The no fault insurance law New York is contained in the no fault law
and does not depend on who the blame lies on the as one who caused the
accident. In order to be eligible to receive compensation under the no
fault law, the accident must occur within the New York state. All
accidents occurring outside the state are not compensated for. The
vehicle must be covered under the law, has an insurance policy and must
be registered in New York. The person who receives the benefits includes
the driver, passengers and the pedestrians or anyone hit by the vehicle
including bicyclist.

Making a no fault claim

The New York state no fault law benefits are always provided by the
insurance company that covers the vehicle. All the vehicles sold in New
York must be covered by an insurance company. Once an accident has
occurred, the insurance company is contacted and a full report on all
financial losses incurred is submitted to the company. The drivers,
passengers and pedestrians are required to make the claim within thirty
days failure to which they lose the benefits. The law does not apply
outside the New York state hence any accident in another state is not
compensated for by the insurance company. The no fault law do not also
cover for the pain and injuries suffered during the accident, it is
beyond the New York state no fault law and should be filed separately. A
person receives medical expenses incurred during the accident from the
insurance company if he or she presents the bill from clinical facility
where attended. The person can also tell his or her doctor to submit the
bill if he or she is unable to do it due to the injuries suffered. For
the loss of earnings, the employer must notify the company in time or
else the person involved in the accidents loses the benefits. In case of
disabilities, a note from your doctor must be submitted so that it can
support your claim hence avoid losing your earning benefits from the no
fault insurance law New York company.

No-fault law New York promotes health and productivity

Accidents are unfortunate incidents which are often not planned for or
intended. However, it is common for people to get involved in accidents,
especially on the road. For this reason, certain measures need to be
put in place to ensure of the well being of those involved in accidents.
These measures may include the services of insurance companies and
those of lawyers. The New York state no-fault law caters for the rights
of both parties involved in accident; through efforts to reimburse their
economic losses. This means that regardless of who caused an accident,
insurance cover should pay for basic losses of the parties involved.

In this case, basic losses are well defined under the law. A person may
be reimbursed by up to a sum of fifty thousand dollars. In the event
that one needs medication, he/she will be covered by an insurance
company. Medical services that are paid for include surgery, dental
services and x-rays. After one has gone through surgery, they may have
to go through rehabilitation or physical therapy sessions, which will
also be paid for by insurance. The state of New York also recognizes
other methods of healing, which may not be directly related to medicine,
such as religious options.

There are a number of reasons that led to the enactment of the no-fault
law New York. One of them is the fact that the court deals with numerous
cases every day. The existence of the no-fault law reduces the number
of cases that are taken to court over minor injuries. The state of New
York also enacted the law in an effort to promote the health of
citizens. Recovery from accidents allows people to be productive within a
shorter period of time; contributing to the overall economic success of
the state. This law also helps to define what constitutes a serious
injury. Only those who have sustained serious injuries can seek
financial assistance for the pain they are experiencing.

The injuries which can be classified as serious are nine in total. Death
brought about by an accident is considered to be the most serious, and
unfortunate occurrence. It may also occur that a part of a person’s body
becomes dismembered or mutilated in an accident. In the event that one
suffers from disfigurement, it must be significant to be considered as a
serious injury. One may also suffer from the loss of a fetus or a
broken bone as a result of an accident. The others include loss of an
organ, limitation of a part of the body to function, and impairment for
ninety days or more.

Under no-fault insurance law New York, “first party benefits” refer to
economic reimbursement given to those who have suffered as result of the
use of a motor vehicle. Those who are affected by motor vehicle
accidents, even in the event that they were not in a vehicle at the
time, are entitled to these benefits. Family members of a person who has
suffered a loss are also qualified in this case.

There are some situations which may disqualify one from being covered by
this law. One of them is the event that a person gets injured
intentionally. If a person was intoxicated while operating a motor
vehicle, they are also disqualified from coverage. Other situations
include operating a vehicle in a speed race, driving a stolen vehicle,
and sustaining an injury while repairing a vehicle. It is therefore
important for a person to look into legal state of their situation in
the event that they are seeking reimbursement.

People may not be compensated if they are unaware of the steps to take
when they have been injured in an accident. New York no-fault laws
require one to adhere to certain deadlines when making a claim. For
example, one may be required to make a claim within a period of thirty
days after the accident has occurred. In the event that one is making a
claim for a serious injury, proof such as medical reports should be
given. The complexity of making a claim often prompts people to seek the
services of a lawyer. This ensures that one gets all their legal

This law also gives provisions to those who are below the age of
eighteen. In this case, parents or legal guardians are in charge of
their medical bills. They are also required to take legal action on
behalf of a child who has sustained injuries. In most situations, one
seeks medical assistance for their child as soon as the accident has
occurred. In this case, medical bills serve as evidence of the amount
paid. These bills should be submitted immediately after they have been
issued by a health facility. If forty five days pass after one has
received treatment, they are unlikely to get any form of payment.

There are situations whereby one receives payment due to the fact that
they are unable to work for a certain period of time. In order for this
to happen, it is necessary for this person to receive proof from a
doctor that they are incapable of working to make an income. In this
case, an insurance company can continue to pay a person for their losses
for a period of three years. For this reason, people may be reluctant
to return to work; fearing that they will no longer receive
compensation. However, insurance companies are required to keep paying
injured parties for the entire stipulated period.

It is vital to get the correct information about no-fault law before
getting involved in the process of filing a claim. This means that it is
necessary to get in touch with the right lawyer. One can do this by
asking for information from others who have been involved in accidents.
They often retain contacts to lawyers who are credible. Another option
would be to carry out a search on the internet. On this platform,
several lawyers are listed. It is even possible to view the credentials
of a number of lawyers before making a choice.

No-Fault Insurance Guidelines

Even if you’re living in any state that requires just NY no-fault insurance law, you might not completely know what no fault insurance actually is, and how it varies from the conventional, standard liability auto insurance system. And if you are thinking of shifting to some different state which requires no fault insurance, you might even have more complexity in understanding the variations in liability.
Before you buy a new no fault auto insurance policy, make sure that you understand what a no fault insurance is, and also your state’s specific necessities along with your personal needs.

What Is Meant by This No Fault Insurance?

At present, 10 U.S. states need no fault auto insurance (Hawaii, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Utah and North Dakota). Three regions allow you for selecting no fault insurance: Kentucky, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania.

No-Fault automobile insurance has been around since the 1970’s when legislation granted individuals the right to pursue medical reimbursements from their own insurance company in case of any sort of automobile accident. Although no-fault wasn’t practiced much back in the 70’s, it gained momentum in the 90’s and some states opted for passing legislation that transformed them into No-Fault Automobile Insurance states. For the most part these legislations were trying to get rid of long term litigation processes required often after an accident and the spending of dollars for these legal practices. In present day America there are twelve states that have No-fault legislation with regards to automobile insurance. The no fault auto insurance states are: Florida, Hawaii, Kentucky, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Utah.

It is important to know that in a PURE no-fault automobile insurance system the driver would be 100% covered for any damages he or she makes and therefore, they wouldn’t have the need to sue another driver for anything. Although the state of Michigan comes pretty close to the “pure” version of no-fault coverage, none of the twelve states mentioned above have a truly “pure” system. They all use for the most part, little rules of the no-fault system and the regular standard liability system; in which you pay for the damages you cause. Because of this reason, it is important to understand your state’s regulations on automobile insurance and how they might be different from the pure no-fault system.
Another important thing worth mentioning is that some states will allow you to choose from the No-Fault insurance coverage and the standard liability system. One of these examples is the District of Columbia, where you can go with either coverage. This means however, that in the case of choosing the standard system, you will be required to purchase Personal Injury Protection Coverage, also known as PIP.
The No-Fault system, like every other legislation; has people that see it as a great idea and some others that completely oppose it and view it as extremely unnecessary. Supporters of no-fault insurance, base their claims in that the state would lose time and money to conduct hearings on every person that would go to traffic court in case of an accident. They also state that if you account for the money people would have to pay for court fees and proceedings, the drivers would be spending more than if their premiums were raised.