Get yourself covered under the NY no fault law for protection against motor accidents.

The world is full of reckless and irresponsible people who may cause harm or injury to others. The person at the receiving side may not have any possible role in the accident but still end up getting hurt, physically and financially as well. This is why the no-fault New York has been set up to cover such innocent people who have incurred loss due to others. Insurance companies try to portray that when an accident happens and there is minimal damage to vehicle, then the person can’t be hurt much which is not true in every case. No fault insurance law New York has been enacted for the people to ensure they receive legitimate payments from the insurance company in automobile related accidents disregarding the onus of responsibility for the incident. This law necessitates the quick redress on the part of the insurance provider for the compensation receivable to the insured on account of medical expenses, any lost earnings and other incidental expenses that he may have incurred.

The NY no fault law has some constraints that the people need to keep in mind while claiming for compensation or else it will get rejected. The law has been designed in such a way to give the drivers, pedestrians and the co-passengers up to $50,000.00 for economic losses induced by motor accident regardless of the fault. Some points that you should always remember-

File the No-Fault application (form NF-2) with the insurance company of the car in which accident took place. Pedestrians should file it to the company that covers the car that hit and to their own car’s carrier, if they own a car.
The filing should be completed within 30 days of the accident taking place.
Just filing application itself does not signify any claim from your part.
Ensure that the form is being sent to the correct insurance company, as it’s of critical consequence.

Here it is very important to mention that in case of accident you should not take it lightly by thinking that it may get better with time and your personal insurance will cover it. In most cases the health insurance don’t cover for personal injuries resulting from motor accident, so it’s better to file the form as it eventually will protect your rights.
Important provisions with regard to the no-fault insurance law New York requires the pedestrian to file the application with the insurance company of the car that hit him but that is not possible to ascertain all time. A clear or reasonable cause for delay in filing may be accepted but that decision rests with the insurance carrier, so nothing can be said with assurance about what reason they may accept. If there is some delay in filing at least the person can send notice to New York State Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation which steps in the place of insurance company. The claiming of lost earnings requires extra steps to be taken to ensure payment. Under NY no fault law there is provision for almost 80% of accident related to lost earnings amounting to $2000/month paid over maximum of 3 years time. The law is for people to have protection and if followed well can be really beneficial.