Injury cases are very critical to leave to chance. Look for a Brooklyn personal injury attorney who has the resources and skills to succeed in handling and winning the case and who has more than one year of courtroom experience and other critical experience in law. He should also be tough and skilled at negotiating or is aware of how a winning case is built. Learn to ask the appropriate questions first.

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Injury Lawyer.

What cases does this Brooklyn personal injury attorney handle on a daily basis?

Some are general practitioners. They deal with almost everything and this may include personal injury practice. They may work on personal injury cases occasionally. When this is not done every day, those injured may be disadvantaged if they hire them. Only a specialist in a particular legal field knows it both forward and backward to able to practice effectively and get good results for the client. You can’t hire a medical general practitioner to do orthopedic surgery, similarly never hire an advocate for an injury case unless they are experts in that area.

How long has the Brooklyn personal injury attorney been working in the injury case field?

Lawyers who concentrate on personal injury lawsuits charge the same fees irrespective of the duration of their practice; meaning that a one or two years’ experienced lawyer would charge the same fee. Just like in other fields, experience makes a lot of difference. A lawyer may have worked for say fifty years but has not practiced personal injury cases for so long; don’t be fooled. The lawyer must have good practicing experience in the field.

Does the Brooklyn personal injury attorney try lawsuits in the courts or his cases are settled out or even referred to other attorneys for trial?
Show your insurance company how willing, ready, and able you are to have the case tried in a court of law. If the lawyer opts to settle your case outside the court, don’t hesitate to ask for a big discount as insurance carriers and their hired defense lawyers know those who try or don’t try cases.

Go for a lawyer who tries cases in a courtroom with a judge and jury. Real trial lawyers also settle cases outside of court, but they do compile a track record of all verdicts which may be used as leverage for clients and they handle all their cases well. A trial lawyer should be ready to share his or her verdicts if asked.

What is the Brooklyn personal injury attorney’s track record of settlements and verdicts?
If the list of all the successful case outcomes is long, this is good news for the client. Those insurance companies who take part in defending cases of personal injury know the attorneys who go to court in your area, and those who do not. Know your lawyer’s courtroom accomplishments particularly his jury verdicts.

Ask the Brooklyn personal injury attorney who would actually handle your injury case?
No matter how impressed you are with the lawyer, find out if he will work on the case himself or give it to a different attorney. You may be assigned a paralegal or even members of the team. Some law firms will introduce you to the name indicated on their letterhead, but pass you onto an unskilled and inexperienced associate.