Personal accident lawyer Brooklyn Heights: Whys it important to hire one who is board certified

Accidents do happen as one goes about their routine duties and they may include falling down on a sidewalk, slipping in the store or having an object fall on you. When this occurs, you need to hire a board certified personal accident lawyer.

A board certified lawyer will not only attend to your case professionally but will ensure that you get the maximum compensation. Before any lawyer becomes certified by a board, they need to have met the following general requirements

  • a.The lawyer must have practiced law in the area for a period of no less than 5 years. Among the 5 years, the lawyer should engage in practical representation of clients in courts for three years.
  • b.The lawyer must attend continuing education seminars. This ensures that the lawyer familiarizes with current law changes.
  • c.The lawyer needs to be evaluated by fellow judges and lawyers.
  • d.The lawyer must pass a written exam administered by the board.

Why do you need to hire a board certified personal accident lawyer?

Personal accident lawyer has knowledge of state laws

Every state prides itself with different statutes and legal procedures when it comes to each and every personal injury case. There are specific codes and laws which help to define the notice of requirements for any individual’s accident case, the amount of compensation they are entitled, the ability of determining who was at fault for your injuries and the control over who will pay for what. As a normal individual, it is highly unlikely that you have a complete understanding of the laws and without hiring a board certified personal accident lawyer, it could be detrimental to your case settlement.

By hiring a board certified personal accident lawyer who is experienced and is familiar with state laws, you will be assured that finally you will get the maximum compensation entitled to you.


Every board has rules and regulation which they require their members to adhere to as they delegate their services to clients. When you get to hire a board certified lawyer, you are assured that they will treat both you and your family in a professional manner.

Board certified lawyers have a reputation to uphold therefore treating a client well will not only ensure that their relationship stays intact but will attract more clients.

Board certified personal injury lawyer is held highly by insurance firms

When you get to hire a board certified lawyer, you will be rest assured when it comes to dealing with the insurance company. Insurance firms regard board certified lawyers highly therefore any legal counsel provided will show that they mean business. When it comes to compensation, insurance adjusters evaluate it differently especially when it comes to board certified lawyers. In the end you will have a better chance of receiving maximum compensation.