Driver Was Frightened When He Fled the Scene of Hit and Run Killed Brooklyn Photographer

A driver charged with hitting and killing a popular Brooklyn photographer in Brooklyn, New York on New Year’s Eve fled the scene because he was frightened, he said in a police statement he recorded soon after his arrest ten days later.

28-year old Prezidor Porbeni was accused of speeding off after causing the death of 44-year old photographer, Guler Ugur-Yaacobi. The prosecution relied on surveillance footage to charge him.

Porbeni was driving his mother’s black SUV with a suspended license when he realized that he had knocked someone at the West 113th Street crosswalk along Amsterdam Avenue. He briefly stopped before driving northwards, based on the criminal charge sheet.

He subsequently turned to his right and drove back to West 113th Street and then back to Amsterdam Avenue, where he got scared. He told detectives that he noticed a heavy police presence, became scared and sped off, according to the charge sheet.

He told the police that he had heard on the subsequent news bulletins that the person he had hit on the road had passed away, but he failed to surrender himself to the police because he had panicked.

Ugur-Yaacobi was headed to a concert at the nearby Cathedral of Saint John the Divine on that ill-fated day to mark an important annual event with her friends.

Described as a creative and lively woman who often carried her camera with her, Ugur-Yaacobi was set to do a late run in Central Park at the end of the concert.

Born in Turkey and raised in Germany, Ugur-Yaacobi moved to the US to set up her photography business in Brooklyn. She lived in Kensington, Brooklyn, according to her close friends.

Separate Case

Porbeni had been charged with assault and robbery in a separate case in Brooklyn. On 5th June, 2014, he continually punched his fiancée, who was then five months pregnant and forcefully stole her iPhone, according to the criminal complaint lodged in Bronx. This case is still pending in court.

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