Things You should Know about No Fault Accident Insurance

Things You should Know about No Fault Accident Insurance

When no single driver is at fault for a car accident, you have to go for a no fault accident insurance and each driver can claim with their insurance companies to recover damages. They can contact a car accident lawyer and get the proper instructions from him regarding the procedure.

Types of No Fault Accident Insurance

There are two types and the pure form is the most common one. In this type, drivers don’t go for nuisance lawsuits and they claim for damages of their vehicles and injury costs. ‘Add-on’ is the second type which is available in some states. In this type, you have the ability to file a claim with your insurance company without finding out who was at fault, but most states don’t offer this second type of insurance.

Benefits of No Fault Accident Insurance

The aim of introducing the no fault accident insurance is to reduce the amount of lawsuits regarding car accidents and save courts money. This will be a great help for drivers too as they don’t have to waste their time and money on useless lawsuits. They can cover their damages and injury costs easily and quickly. This offers a lot of protection too. Though someone are questioning about the effectiveness of this insurance, we can’t forget about the faster claiming handling process it has.

No Fault Accident Insurance is not a Way to Get Rid of Your Fault

Always remember that you can be still sued with no fault accident insurance and it is not an option to cover your fault. Before you are allowed to cover the damages and injury costs under this type of insurance, particular financial thresholds should have to be met. Opposite party can go for litigation if people are suffered from extreme injuries or the car has severe damages. Being uninsured is a common reason to be sued with no fault accident insurance.

Does Your State has No Fault Accident Insurance?

You can go for this insurance only if your state allows it. While some states urge drivers to select the no fault accident insurance option, some states give the opportunity to select the typical coverage or no fault coverage. This type of insurance is available in about dozen of states including Florida, Kansas, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii and Pennsylvania. As mentioned above, most of them offer only the pure form of insurance.

Is No Fault Accident Insurance Cheaper?

Though some people say this is cheaper than the typical coverage, some people believe that there isn’t a much difference between two. When thinking about the expenditure for nuisance lawsuits, you will be able to understand that no fault accident insurance is a money saver in the long run.

Now a days, this type of insurance is becoming popular among drivers specially due to the time and money saving features it has. Though your state doesn’t provide no fault insurance now, it will be available in the near future. When you have a rough idea about this insurance, it’s better to contact a suitable person and clear you doubts.