Violence Erupts After a Man is Cleared of 5 Teen’s Death

Violate erupted in St Louis suburbs after a grand jury decided not to bring charges against Wilson Darren who was charged for 5 teens in a road accident. The violate saw police car set ablaze, rubber bullets and tear gas fired by the police who were trying to control the unruly crowd. Protesters also set a storage facility and a pizza shop on fire.

The protest started when a grand jury decided not to bring charges against Wilson who killed 5 teens in a car on August 9, 2014. There were reports of bricks being thrown and looting. Wilson was charged with killing 5 teens in August after he lost control of his vehicle. The crowd chanted “not the fair judgment we have been waiting for” as they threw bricks at the security officers. This was the most awaited verdict in Washington.

There has been a series of accidents in Washington involving over speeding or intoxicated drivers, in what is now seen as the public issue rather than a personal issue. The affected families filed a class lawsuit against Wilson. According to legal professionals, filing a class lawsuit may be the may cause of Wilson released without punishment. The professionals argued that filing the individual personal lawsuit would be more effective and would also outline seriousness of the matter. Although the affected families would save legal some money by filing a lawsuit as the group, this significantly lowered chances of succeeding. The accident attorneys advised the crowd to file the individual lawsuit with personal injury lawyer rather than a group lawsuit in the case of such accident in future.

In another accident, a soldier was seriously injured in a semi truck-motor cycle. The soldier who was riding a motorcycle was critically injured when he bumped on a semi truck in Georgia. Police preliminary investigations could not reveal the cause of the accident but witnesses said the soldier was over speeding when he lost control of the motor cycle and bumped into the truck. The truck driver lost control of the truck and hit the post. The soldier and truck driver were taken to the nearby hospital to receive treatments.

Truck driver to file lawsuit with personal injury lawyer

Although the motorcyclists are more disadvantaged in terms of safety compared to a truck driver, the truck driver said he would file a lawsuit against the motorcyclist. Like any other accident, the driver is entitled to file the injury lawsuit against the soldier. With right personal injury, the driver is likely to receive compensation for;

Medical expenses – the driver is likely to be compensated for the medical expenses incurred.
Pain and suffering – the truck driver may also get compensation for the pain and suffering he has undergone.
Lost earnings – if the driver incurred permanent injuries, he will be compensated for the lost earnings.

If you have lost your loved one or incurred automotive accidents due to somebody else’s negligence, you are entitled to file a lawsuit to claim compensation for damages. It is very important to file a lawsuit as soon as possible to ensure the evidence and witnesses are not interfered with.