A Widow Gets $33 Million Compensation For Her Husband Death while Another Woman is Awarded $25 Million For Brain Injury

The family of the highway worker (Andrew) who has killed in a car accident three years ago in Brooklyn has received $33 million compensation. The accident occurred in August 2011 when his car was hit by the oncoming truck. He sustained head and abdomen injury but succumbed to injuries three months after an accident. According to the widow, Margaret Andrew, a mother of two, it was not an easy task to get compensation. After 6 months claiming compensation for wrongful death, her cousin advised her to file wrongful death lawsuit with Brooklyn accident lawyer.

She looked for a reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn. The lawyer was determined to see her awarded adequate and fair compensation that she entitled to. Her lawyer worked hard to gather information and witnesses.

Her lawyer knew wrongful death lawsuit is complicated and requires thorough preparation. The lawyer gathered the evidence and witnesses that were able to convince the jury that the other driver was at fault. According to the presiding judge, the other driver was at fault; Brooklyn police investigations pointed over speeding and drive under influence as the major causes of an accident. The compensation covered;

Medical and funeral expenses- because Andrew spends more than three months in the hospital, the family was compensated for the medical expenses they incurred. The family was awarded compensation for the funeral expenses they incurred.

Lost earning- Andrew was the family breadwinner, to ensure the family quality of life is not compromised; the family was compensated lost wages. This ensured her children are well raised and received the good education.

Lost companionship- the widow was also compensated for losing her husband.

Pain and suffering- the family was compensated for the pain and suffering they have undergone for losing their son, a father, and husband.

In addition, punitive fines were applied.

The widow thanked her lawyer for working hard to ensure she gets the fair and adequate compensation that will enable her family to live well. Her lawyer encouraged people who lost their loved ones or incurred injuries to file a lawsuit claiming compensation for the damages.

In another car accident settlement, a woman who sustained brain injuries after she was hit by a car on her way home has been awarded $25 million approved by the Michigan High Court. Patel was walking home from a nearby shopping mall when 2 cars crashed on the busy road. A car that was trying to avoid impact with the other cars hit her leaving her with severe brain injury and multiple fractures. The accident also left two drivers dead. According to police investigations, over speeding was the major cause of the accident. The compensation award covered;

Pain and suffering

Lost earnings

Medical bills and punitive fines

File wrongful death lawsuit or personal injury claim with accident lawyer

If you have incurred auto accident injuries or you have lost your loved one to an auto accident, you are entitled to file a lawsuit against personal accident lawyer. To ensure you get fair and adequate compensation, you should file the lawsuit as soon as possible.