Key Questions To Ask An Accident Lawyer In Flatlands, Brooklyn

When a person has had the misfortune of being involved in a motor car accident, they realize how much of a disruption it can cause in their life. Depending on the extent of injuries, one may be forced to spend time recuperating at the hospital and thereafter continue with follow-up visits.

In case the injuries suffered cause temporary disability, the person has to pursue compensation through legal channels. In such an eventuality, one needs to look for a competent attorney Flatlands for representation in court. Due to the fact that personal injury cases are involving, one has to find the right accident lawyer in Brooklyn who has all the qualities it takes to win the case.

Key questions to ask an accident lawyer in Brooklyn

When searching for an accident lawyer in Brooklyn, you need to prepare a few questions to serve as a guide. Some of the questions you should ask include:

  • Do you have enough time to commit to this case? – This question is important because if you are going to win the case, you have to work with a lawyer that is working on the case without a distraction. It is hard to find a free accident attorney Flatlands but if you are determined, you will find a suitable attorney.
  • How many cases of this nature have you taken to court before? – The outcome of a personal injury case can have far reaching ramifications in your life. Consequently, you cannot take chances with an inexperienced attorney. These types of cases require an attorney who has the requisite experience to argue the case all the way to victory.
  • What are your charges? – When trying personal injury cases many lawyers prefer the contingency payment plan that only compensates the lawyer in case of a favorable outcome. When you meet a good accident lawyer in Brooklyn, they should recommend the contingency method so that they can treat the case with all the seriousness it deserves.
  • How much compensation do we expect? If you are dealing with an experienced accident attorney Flatlands, they should have a good idea of the amount of compensation to expect. Based on the estimate, you can decide from the onset whether the process will be able to compensate you adequately.
  • How much will I be involved? – When starting any undertaking it is important to know how much of your time and effort will be required. If you have had an injury that has immobilized you, it will not be easy to make court appearances. You should find out whether you can be excused from attending sessions that deal with formalities.


As long as you ask the above questions, you should get a highly competent lawyer to push your case forward. If you win the case, you will get the compensation you deserve after being your life has been turned upside down.