Who Is Covered Under The No-Fault Law New York?

Although the no-fault law New York has been in use for several decades now, it is baffling that there are people who do not even understand who can be covered under its provision. A look at the statistics shows that many people file cases believing that they qualify for compensation under this law only to find out that they actually do not. It is because they have not taken the time to understand the no-fault information. So as to fully understand this, here is an explanation of injury victims who qualify for compensation under this law.

People injured by a motor vehicle

In New York, a cyclist, passenger, pedestrian or another driver who is injured by a motor vehicle qualifies for compensation depending on the type of injury. This is regardless of who9 was to blame in the accident. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, the most important thing is to look for a qualified attorney and ask them to take over the negotiations. The good thing is that regardless of where you specifically come from, as you long as you are in this jurisdiction, finding a reliable lawyer can never be too difficult. You can even search through online directories and find lots of them.

The accident must occur in New York

Apart from the requirement that the motor vehicle involved in the accident should be registered in New York, you also can only qualify for compensation of the accident also occurred I the same area. You should not be like other people who get involved in accidents on other parts and then think that they can move back to New York and file a suit for compensation. Remember that there always should be proper documentation of everything that happened during the accident in order for the proceedings to start. You, however, have nothing to worry about since you can easily do this through a good lawyer.

Motorcycle accidents do not qualify

You also need to know that you can only qualify for compensation if is a motor vehicle that ca8used the accident. It can be any type including trucks, cars, buses, taxis and any other type as long as it is covered under the no-fault category. In addition to that, the insurance policy on the vehicle should have been sold in New York. Another important thing to note is that the car should be licensed to do business in the state of New York. This way, you can be sure that there will be nothing to stop you from getting the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Once you get involved in an accident that falls under the no-fault law New York, the first thing should be to contact a lawyer. Do not agree to record any statement with the law enforcers before your attorney arrives. You also should ensure that you give them all the information needed so as to get the best out of no-fault information. You may also want to ensure that they are capable of handling the case before you hire them.