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A New York auto accident attorney should be your primary contact if you are involved in an accident regardless of how small the accident may seem at the time. In New York many people that are involved in an accident make the mistake of leaving the scene after exchanging information due to the fact that they want to clear up the situation and restore things to normal as quickly as possible. Often they have sustained injuries that are not apparent at the time and manifest symptoms hours, or even days, later. Even severe head injuries may not be immediately apparent due to shock or adrenal stimulation immediately following an auto accident.

Following most auto accidents in New York it is a common practice for an investigator from the insurance company, of either party, to proceed with questions as to your well being as the victim. It is imperative that you provide no information to that person. The investigators job is to keep any settlement as low as possible. Despite the fact that the person really appears to have your best interest in mind, the investigator is focused on one thing only and that is the bottom line of the company that writes his paycheck. The assurance that your financial and physical conditions are of primary importance is just a veil to hide true motivation.

When you first contact an insurance company instead of an auto accident attorney in New York, you will be speaking with their first line of defense. It will be a clerk who will send you a tempting offer to settle your claim. This will be a nominal amount in hopes that you will take it and go away. When you refuse this offer they will usually add a small amount to the settlement and tell you that they have sent there final offer and will try to intimidate you into acceptance. This is an unfair game that they play. You may have future medical expenses, complications, loss of wages and even rehabilitation in your future. They are well aware of this fact and want you off of their caseload as quickly as possible.

When you hire a auto accident lawyer in New York to handle your case you have changed the entire playing field. The offers increase dramatically and are rejected as quickly as they arrive. The experienced accident injury attorney will know from experience exactly how deep the insurance company will be willing to reach to come up with a reasonable settlement for your case. That is why it is of utmost importance that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible following any auto accident.

There are several steps you can take before calling a auto accident attorney to make your case easier for the attorney to litigate:

  • • Call the police and file a report – Do not make a statement claiming or implying that the fault of the accident was yours. Let the lawyer handle that, and the court if necessary.
  • • Take pictures – With the advances in cell phones almost everyone has a camera. Use it to collect as many photos as possible. Take pictures of all vehicles involved, the street or intersection, the other driver and all passengers if possible and any apparent injuries to anyone including your self.
  • • Seek medical attention – Even if you think your injury is insignificant, let a professional be the judge of that. Tests may reveal what was not obvious.

Auto accident lawyers in New York are easily retained and many will take your case on contingency and provide a free initial consultation. To find the right one for your case look for a firm that has that specific area of practice. Ask for examples of settlements received in the past. Check the website for references from past and current clients.

When an insurance company makes you an offer they are really telling you that you have a good case and need to retain an attorney immediately.

Many people who are looking for an auto accident attorney will look to in a legal representative in New York that they can use to make sure they have professionals that are on their side. Individuals can look to hire an auto accident attorney to help recoup damages if they have been injured in an auto accident. Every day dozens if not hundreds of people are injured in auto accidents, and it is important to find an attorney that can help you recover damages if you have been injured. New York is covered under no fault laws but if individuals have been seriously injured in an accident the more likely it is they will recover damages. They should get the legal professionals they need when looking for compensation for damages in a case involving auto injuries. Many accidents and injuries happen as a result of negligence and having the proper representation can help you recoup the damages you may be entitled to. Make sure to find quality attorney’s that can represent your case in court.

Auto Accident attorney in New York

Individuals need to find the auto accident attorney in New York they feel can give them the best representation in court and can give them the case that allows them to claim damages, if they have been involved in an accident or which they have been injured. Auto accidents and injuries are the most common cause of injury in the U.S. Most of the cases involving accidents are basic tort cases involving negligence by one of the parties involved in the accident. For those who are involved in an accident the normal cause of these accidents is negligence by improper driving, following too closely, driving while texting or other errors in judgment that could cause collisions, a case may be made.

Other accidents are caused by failure to maintain the right of way and other problems. This can be the cause of auto accidents and getting the right attorney to help in our particular case is a prudent thing to do. There may also be defects in the road that can cause accidents. Individuals may wish to have attorneys that know about the grounds for lawsuits under these circumstances as well.

Pick the Auto Accident Attorney in New York that can Help you make sure you have the attorney that can best help you with your case by interviewing them. It is important to pick an auto accident attorney that can help you recoup your damages if you have been injured in a auto accident as the result of someone else’s negligence. Pick an attorney who will help you recover damages and get a settlement. An auto accident attorney New York is not hard to come by, but make sure to find one well versed in accident law, and who can do a good job of presenting your case in court. Pick someone who has a good reputation with the bar association and can represent you in a court of law.

New York Auto Accident Attorney

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