Insurance Company Questions

Who will pay me if I’m injured or the car damaged?

The responsible driver’s insurance company will pay you. If you were the one who caused the accident, your liability insurance will be the one that will be responsible in paying the other party. This will only apply up to the limit of your policy limit. If you were not the one at wrong, the other party insurance policy will pay you and the damages that the driver may have caused to your car. If you had loaned the car to someone who causes an accident, the insurance company will pay for the damages just like the case you were the one who was involved in an accident.

What will you in case the other driver whom you are involved in an accident with does not have an insurance cover?

If you had insured motorist’s payments, your insurance policy will cover for the damages that the driver who had no insurance cover has caused to you. If the driver who caused an accident has a policy that is not sufficient to pay for all your damages, your insurance cover may come in and fill the difference. In case you had taken collision insurance, your in insurance company will pay for the damages irrespective of the one who lead to the accident.

Who will pay my medical bills if I’m injured?

In New York, there is an insurance cover referred to as no fault insurance. In this case the vehicles owner will pay for all the damages that will be brought about due to his car being involved in an accident.

What will happen if I’m sued?

You should contact your insurance company immediately. The insurance firm will assign a lawyer to deal with your case. In case are sued more than the policy covers, you will be forced to look for your own lawyer.

What in case I want to sue?

If the other party was the one who lead to the occurrence of the accident, you will have to sue for in order to be compensated. You will have to be paid for the injuries, pains and the wages lost due to the accident. After you contact our company we will organize with our lawyer who will make a claim with the other insurance company. If the offer of the other insurance is not reasonable to meet the losses, we can file a lawsuit. You should act first because there is a limitation of the period in which you can file a case.

How will it cost me to sue?

The Law office of Tanya Gendelman, P.C. usually take auto accidents based on contingent basis. This means you will not pay the attorney if the case if lost. If you win the case, you will be required to pay the attorney a percent of the money that you will win. If you agrees with the lawyer on the contingent fee, the lawyer will have to sign and hand you a copy of the signed agreement. The contract will specify how much of the money that you will win the lawyer will take. In most incidences, the law firm of Tanya Gendelman .P.C will advance the costs. But normally the law in New York requires the client to pay for litigation expenses.